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Thread: Family bus trip

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    Exclamation Family bus trip

    Ok so i recently had an uncle die, and he is getting buried in arlington VA. The family (besides me) has decided that were going to take a bus down to save on gas and the aggravation of driving.
    Now this is where I'm running into a problem, I have to wear 24/7 because of my back issues. But im at a loss of what to do. There is really no way i can change on the bus being that its full of my family and the bathroom is tiny. Also it seems like itll be rather difficult to make an excuse to have my bag when i get off the bus at the rest stops. So i really don't know what to do. Any help would be appreciated.


    Oh, BTW the trip is on the 6th, this tuesday..

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    My suggestion would be to wear pull-ups and try to use the (bus) bathroom as often as you can. I'm not sure why you have to wear diapers (how are your back issues related to diapers?), but if there's any chance that you can use the bathroom normally, pull-ups are your best bet. They protect you from an accident, but they can be easily removed without creating noise or raising attention and put back in place so you can use the toilet.


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    I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle, he must have been a great man to have the honor of being laid to rest at Arlington.

    As for the bus trip, I wouldn't sweat it too much. You're somewhat in luck that it's winter, so wearing a coat is perfectly understandable. You can most likely fold up a disposable and stick it in one of the pockets of your coat, depends max will fit easily, or you might like a cloth backed one as they won't make any noise really, such as a CVS brand, though I'm not sure what kind you wear, you can pick up a pack of these fairly easily. If it's like any bus trip I've ever been on, the bus will likely make a stop off every few hours for people to get off the bus and stretch.

    Keep in mind, the bus driver has to use the restroom at some point in time too, so they generally will give breaks every few hours. If worse comes to worse, just wear your jacket on the bus and as cramped as it is, just change in the little bathroom. The bathroom should have a trash bin in it, so you just dispose of the used one there.

    Or, if some of your family is aware of your issue, then don't be embarrased if you have to take your bag with you.

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    Sorry for your loss.
    If possible, I would use an x-plus diaper ( Abena, Secure, etc.). These diapers are rated for 8-12 hrs use, so you would not have to change on the bus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiaperLines View Post
    If they are family, and it is a medical issue, just tell them.
    I'm gonna have to second that. If you have a legit medical issue that requires you to need diapers, I cannot think of any good families that would not be totally accepting and supportive of you needed to wear diapers, especially cause it sound like you entirely take care of changing yourself. They have no burden in your situation, and have no reason not to accept you, if it truely is a legitimate medical issue. Thus you should just tell them (they really should already know about it already) and not be embarrassed to take you diaper bag off the bus at rest stops. Also, practice putting on the diapers you usually use while sitting down (such as on the tiolet in the bathroom) then you will be practiced for changing sitting down in the bus bathroom.

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    Ill have to give it a try doing it standing up, i cant really use pullups because the depends that i have just dont hold well at all for as much as i go. And its also just one of those things, even though there family, its still embarrassing. Im still slightly embarrassed when my mom or dad ask me about it...
    *EDIT* This is also one of those things that no one in my family knows about it since we never really see each other. The only people that know are my mom, dad, grandparents, and godfather and i would kinda like to keep it that way

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    Having a backpack with a book, magazines, game player, and a couple of spare diapers would not seem out of place.

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    I have a friend in a wheelchair who does not wear diapers but needs to empty his bladder regularly to avoid accidents. When he travels he gets a catheter put in that drains to a bag. Might not be the most comfortable thing but would be less obvious around family.
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    Just get some pull ups, if they get full they are easy enough to change even in a small bathroom. just keep one in your pocket or something.

    Otherwise just bring a backpack and change during the breaks.

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