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    Hi guys, I dicovered my identity in the abdl community about 4 years ago. (joined adisc around the same time) Over those years I've stayed padded a good deal of the time, but still have huge paranoia, not about people seeing, but I can't let myself wet? I've always been afraid of leaks, but after 4 years, and nearly no leaks, this is getting annoying. I cannot just "let go" for some reason? when I'm standing it isn't too bad, but I've never wet lying down.

    I wanted to know if others had ever dealt with this sort of extremely shy bladder, and maybe how you overcame it?

    Also is there anything one can buy to further reduce leak chance? I want to try wetting at night, and have belisimos, but I'm a side sleeper, and cannot *bleep* up my queen size memory foam matress. I worked too frikin hard for it lol.

    Thanks for any advice you guys have!

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    I would get a mattress protector that way leaks can't get to your bed. I've never tried them but you could get a pair of plastic pants try try and help with leaks. Maby it could give you that peace of mind you want.

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    I bought one of these mattress protectors from IKEA. It is $34.99 for a queen.
    I sometimes wear Bellissiimos at night, but I normally use Abena M4's (and sleep on my side). No leaks yet.

    CrinklyEmilyLG (I think) recommended a good book for SBS (Shy Bladder Syndrome or Paruresis) that I am currently reading. It is called "Loud and Proud". You can buy it from Amazon, but I downloaded it from their website. I am still working through it, but it is helping me with my thinking. There is another book called "The Ultimate Paruresis Guide", but I did not like the look of it quite as much. You can get it from their website only.

    Good luck with overcoming SBS. It is not a quick journey (even if the second book says it can be..). All the best
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    Have you found that running water, which I think sounds like urination, helps you go? Does me. Just a thought.


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    Quote Originally Posted by babymt View Post
    CrinklyEmilyLG (I think) recommended a good book for SBS (Shy Bladder Syndrome or Paruresis) that I am currently reading. It is called "Loud and Proud".
    Wasnt me lol. But by all means xD

    As per the post: in relation to leak prevention and side-sleeping:

    I've been barking up that tree for years. The only diaper that has worked for me for side sleeping are Abena Abri-Forms :P otherwise, its a 50/50 risk. As for trouble wetting, just practice ~ You'll get it.

    I was the same at first too, I couldnt wet at ALL, then I could only do it standing up, then standing up AND laying down... then added being able to walk at the same time, then sitting down etc. etc. now I can wet on command lol. Just keep practicing and drink a lot of water and hold it in (but not to the point where your bladder is about to rupture lol). What I like to do is drink like 32 ounces of water in a biiiiig cup and have maybe 2 or 3 of those (not rushed though) and whenever i feel a slight need to go, but nothing too heavy, i just hold it in until it gets more difficult to do so. Then when you REALLy have to go, you let go and its harder to stop yourself.

    Benefits include: soaking your diaper AND getting your daily consumption of water. Technically you're supposed to drink about a gallon of water every day, and 2 big cups of 32 ounces of water = a gallon. Kill 2 birds with one lightning spear.

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    Thanks so much for your replys. like I said, I've been wearing for well over 4 years, its time to deal with this nonsense. does anyone have experience with plastic pants? maybe some sudgestions on brands? also why abriform? I have quadro boosters, but I'm worried they might slow the absorbtion rate. (question bombardment) thanks for the patience.

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    Plastic pants over a disposable are not much help. There needs to be a layer of absorbent material between. Otherwise, the liquid finds its way to the lowest point and leaks out. There are lined pants and AIO's that could be of help here.

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    Hi malix. I am not sure why the Abena abri-form M4's are so good, but they have never leaked for me. Granted I have only been wearing them for just over a month, but I wear them almost every night. I would suggest only going for the plastic backed ones though, there have recently been lots of posts about the cloth backed ones stretching when worn.

    It could be because of their acquisition rate and capacity (especially second wetting capacity.. You can check out the review at this link, it shows all the stats about major adult disposable diapers.

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