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    Hello everyone,

    I apologize, I've been a member here for a while and tend to kind of come and go over time based on life (I usually lurk around a bit every so often, just don't post much).

    I was wondering if anyone had every tried the "Wellness Absorbent Underwear (Pull Ups)". I know and I've seen plenty of reviews for the Wellness Diapers (both good and bad), but I'm looking for information on the pullups themselves. I've searched around and I can't seem to find anything on the Pull ups themselves; everything defaults back to the diapers.

    Anyone know where I can find any reviews on them?


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    I got a sample one that I have tried on, but not used yet. I found it comfortable, fits me well, and appears will be more absorbent and leak free compared to cheap pull-ups (Depends, Tena men's underwear, etc.). One thing I found interesting and comfortable is the way the crotch portion is shaped, it is more form fitting to my "package". Other than that, I haven't come across reviews. I think the samples are only $2 shipped (discreetly) if you want to give one a try.

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    Interesting. I may give one a try. Do they have the "frills" like the depends do? Or are these more straight edged like a kids pull up?

    Keep me informed when you try it!

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    They look just like any other adult pull up (except real fit/silhouette) with the frills and granny panty look and feel. With that said, they are easily one of the best pull ups on the market. They hold quite a bit for a pull up and are very comfortable to wear. I wear a pull up every day to work and these did the trick as good if not better than any other pull up I have ever tried (which is pretty much all of them).

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    Not to hijack the thread or anything but how do the wellness pullups compare to abena pullups, I always thought the abenas were the most absorbant but they dont fit that great and are more than I need anyway, plus the wellness pullups would be cheaper and easier for me to get. Thanks!

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    I like the Abena Abriflex S3 a lot. I'm a 31-32" waist and the smalls fit perfectly, not baggy and have a nice thickness to them. They are very absorbent, but the main downside is they do not mask odors well at all. I have a feeling it is due to the breathable material as so many diapers are becoming these days. I typically wear Tena Slip Maxis (med) which hide odors well. When I wear an Abriflex, I definitely smell urine after wetting.

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    I've been meaning to give these a try. For anyone who's ordered samples from them: what does the discrete packaging look like? I've heard of some places that claimed discreet shipping but apparently defined that as simply not shipping in a giant box that says "DIAPERS!" on the side, and leave the (very medical sounding) company name and such very obvious and easy to see. Since I still live with my family that would kind of suck to order some and have that happen to me.

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    The Wellness underwear is cloth backed. Regarding discreetness of shipping, I've only received samples thus far and they were always in a white plastic mailing bag. I don't recall what the return address specifically said, but it did not say anything making it obvious what is inside. That said, being a plastic mailing bag, I instantly knew it was a diaper when I got my mail. Someone else may not realize what it is, but they will feel a soft and puffy bag.

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    I tried a sample and it leaked on me at the store and they didn't hold as much like they said they do. I didn't even have it on for eight hours. They just come in a regular envelope with a brochure about the underwear. It only came with one pull up instead of two like it does with diapers.

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