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Thread: Sewing My Own Diapers

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    Default Sewing My Own Diapers

    Here is a link to my tumblr account featuring my latest creation.
    My incontinence products

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    How well is it working for you?

    Also, very funny:

    The lady at the thrift store wanted to know about my baby? I blushed.
    I've had that exact same kind of experience at the fabric/sewing store...lady asked me if the PUL was for a baby shower or something...XD

    I've done some sewing, too: DeviantArt

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    Great work you have there. I like your style. Thanks for the invite to the group, looking forward to contributing. It's working so well for me, opened so many doors.

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    Those look great!. I found some elastic and flannel back in high school and started making a pull on style, but never finished.

    Did you cut apart a disposable for the design? I wonder if taping one on, and then marking a line where the tapes connect would be a good way to determine how the fit would come out once fastened. Is there a particular thread you used to maintain some semblance of waterproofing? I don't sew, so I'd love to know, I can't bring myself to fork over non-existent cash for reusables online.

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    I clamp a disposable down over the material and cut out along the lines. No particular thread, I'll get fancy when I get the basic system down. I'll try to make a tutorial. I'm getting great ideas from baby diaper tutorials, this is so much fun, need some days off to sit around in diapers & mark diapers; )

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