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Thread: Possible New MC Server

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    Default Possible New MC Server

    Hey Everyone,

    I am looking to find out how many people here are interested in an ADISC Minecraft Server? Please respond here if you are interested. If there is enough of a desire for one. I will create one.

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    I'm interested! will play until 5:00 am.

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    interested, and will build a modpack for it if its requested

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    me me, when i have time :P

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    if people continue to want to play.. Depending on how many.. The OLD ADISC MC server may be restored.. If not, then I will put the time and effort into building a decent server as I'd rather not host it on my main computer. But that also depends on how many people and if it's worth the money to build a decent server instead of just using what i have for now. So if people know more ADISCer's that want to play, kind of need them to post that here.

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    I would absolutely flip out if you did this. I have never seen an ABDL gaming server for ANY game and I'm really eager to play with some ADISCers.

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    modsconfigs -You will need both for the server folder directory placement c:\Users\<Username>\<where you put MultiMC>\Instances\<Instance name>\minecraft

    MultiMC -This will make it easier for you to connect to the server. Uses Your MC name and PW

    If you have questions please see myself or Zhoarnoth. Thank you.

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    There was an official one way back but alas it's deceased, I may well join myself XD

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    Unless you are thinking more vanilla minecraft, there is a FtB (Feed the Beast) server already running: Link to forum post. Its not overly populated, but I haven't been around on it much myself lately as I have been playing on the Hat Films server so that could have changed.

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    updated mods and configs will do a small thing on how to set it up with pictures in a few
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