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Thread: Padded Snowboarding

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    Cool Padded Snowboarding

    Finally went snowboarding for the first time of my life today and decided that since I don't know the next time I can go again, I would go padded up. Slipped an M4 in my bag of clothes and changed into it at a friends house. It was such an awesome experience! I know I've heard people on here mention that they like to pad up before they go in the snow and it was definitely worth it. I got to stay out and play without having to take any bathroom breaks. Now I'm exhausted and in need of a change. But I loved being able to just coast down on the snowboard and glide around (after much practice of course).

    Which do you all prefer: Snowboards or Skis? And why?

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    Ive always wanted to do that, not just for fun but also because when I have to pee its all the sudden! Then I lose control here and there. I hate that feeling. Especially when you're up on the hill and you still have to unstrap, lock your board up, then walk inside to wait to use the bathroom in the over crowded resort. Lol.

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    I love skiing. I hardly get to go though I've tried snowboarding and I liked skis way better. I dont like the asymmetry of snowboards (facing either left or right). And I found it much easier to get around with skis (like getting through level or up hill walks).

    That sounds awesome haha, I would love to go skiing diaperd. It would be so comfortable and warm; I'm so jealous!!

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    I Like to ski, been doing it since I was 5. Time on the mountain is much better when diapered. I did wet my snow suite once when I was pretty young, I made it to the bathroom but I could not un do the clips on the shoulder straps of my snow pants. Now that I can drive up there and go alone or with friends I often wear a diaper under my snow pants.

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    I've been skiing since I was a 4 year old cub. I haven't gone in years and I kinda miss it but I can't afford to do it no more. Once I can though, I'd like to get into Snowboarding because trying new things can be fun. As far as being padded while skiing/snowmobiling, I never tried it personally, but I'm sure any little thing that helps you stay warm is awesome! plus the convenience of not having to stop skiing just to go to the bathroom? Awesome!

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    snowboarding ish great. i have only gone a few times. it wasnt real snow. but down where i live. we have a thing called the dome or something which is like real snow but its not. it has 99% texture tf the real stuff without actually being real snow. i used to go snowboard there a lot in previous years. but due to money being tight for a few years i havent been able to afford it lolz. when i cvan i will go back again, although i will be quite rusty now. not done it for 2-3 years lolz. i hated skis. they were too big for me and hard to manouever. whereas a board was much more flexible for me.

    maybe its scateboard a lot lolz. anyways yeah i would love to go back again. maybe even gop diapered lolz

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    I love skiing. Might have to try it diapered. It sounds like even more fun not having to find a restroom when you need it

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    I LOVE boarding, and hope to (one of these days) get good enough at freestyle or cross to make it (fat chance) to THE OLYMPICS! also, One of these days (sooner rather then later) I hope to go boarding padded (its nice to have that extra cushion when you bail/crash on a 360)

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    Sorry, my first snowboard experience was my last, it was truly miserable for me, the rental company fitted me badly, where my toes hung so far over the edge so far that I face planted 4 times on two lift runs. stopped the lift getting off twice (out of 2 runs). My brother told me to 'Pop Up', which I couldn't (similar issue attempting surfing), It was great for the whole 30 seconds of the affair where I was actually boarding, but, after getting torn up pretty badly on the first day, I quit it a quarter of the way through the second 1/4 mile run (snowmass) and sledded the board to the mall, never to repeat the experience.
    I have been skiing several times since, always padded, with much fewer issues though.
    I've found over the years is that my main problem is I tend balance on my ankles, instead of my waist.

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    Nice! I enjoy skiing more than snowboarding. I tried snowboarding as a kid and just never could get into it. I never found the appeal in being one of those people who just sit on the slope blocking it for everyone else. >:-( Sounds like a good day, I envy you being able to do that!

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