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Thread: glass baby bottles?

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    Default glass baby bottles?

    so i've recently purchased a 3 pack of evenflo 8oz glass bottles, when they arrived i realized not only did i not know how to warm up milk / formula in them properly nor sterilize or clean them properly.
    can anybody out there give me a few tips or a step by step on how to properly clean, care for and heat up these bottles?

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    Classic old stuff. They should fit a typical new evenflo ring and nipple.
    A bottle brush is very helpful. Looks like a twisted wire about 9 inches long with nylon bristles wrapped in the twist, so you can shove it into the bottle and scrub every part of the inside. Use very hot water to clean them. You could probably even put them in a top rack of a dishwasher. If they are for a very young infant, I would start by putting them in a warm pot of water, and bringing it to a boil for 15 minutes.

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    I use very hot, recently boiled water to clean mine and wash them out, the same can be used to warm them up too.
    I bought a few of those glass bottles but I prefer the plastic ones, the glass never gets used.

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    I do not have any glass bottles, but I would think that glass bottles can be placed in the dishwasher without any trouble (unless the bottle is marked as not dishwasher safe).

    Otherwise, I would clean the bottle as soon as possible after use with a bottlebrush (as described by BlueGrey) in hot water. If you wash the bottle soon after use, I don't see a need to disinfect the bottle with every cleaning. Depending on use, I might disinfect (placing the bottle in boiling water for several minutes) once a week or so.

    Much easier just to put in a dishwasher if you can use one.

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    When our son was a baby, we used plastic bottles as we didn't want them dropped and broken. As mentioned above, you can use hot water to clean the glass ones and also put them on the top rack of the dishwasher, but the packaging should have the manufacturer's recommended cleaning directions. The bottom of the bottles may also say "Dishwasher safe" (or no).

    Bottle brushes are a must and clean the bottles as soon as you can! Old formula is nothing you want to smell (milk either)!

    In the old days, you warmed the bottles in a pan of boiling water. Now you can heat them in the microwave, but without the nipples.

    Hope this helps. Have fun and when in doubt, try a website like

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    The "proper" way would be to find an old bottle sterilizer.

    The dishwasher will work if you have a heated dry cycle available for it.

    Of course, since you're not using them for babies, there's really not much reason to go to any greater length than you would with your ordinary drinking glasses.

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