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Thread: AB/DL/LG manga/anime: do they exist?

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    Default AB/DL/LG manga/anime: do they exist?

    I don't mean some hand-drawn fanfic on deviantart. Is there any manga or anime that has these themes? I figured it would be a long shot but i thought I'd ask to see of there's something I should be watching/reading instead of strawberry panic and ohshc...

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    But I have to register to see it O.o
    For security purposes I wouldn't be able to log into that often, perhaps an anime would be good since I could find it on YouTube and my youtube app deletes all search history. But thanks for those, I'll check them out in-dept when I get a chance

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    Animation is a big money industry and it does not often cater to particular fetish. That said, one can find episodes of larger series, such as Nightshift Nurses, which do cater.

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    Problem with AB/DL/LG or related subject matter in anime or manga is that it is mostly portrayed as a sexual fetish and tends to only be included in hentai.

    I'm not one to judge members of the community who are into that sort of thing, but it is very difficult to come across an anime or manga that focuses on AB/DL/LGs as a whole rather than just a fetish.

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