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Thread: Are you addicted to diapers?

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    Question Are you addicted to diapers?

    Okay, so I was recently Scouring the internet and i found a wikki that caught my eye. Are you addicted to diapers? To answer that Yes i am definitely addicted to diapers. After the first question I was. (I know that this wikki is hard to take seriously) How about you?

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    Gallery | Closet

    Nope, can't say I am. (old pictures though they get the point across. Oh, and that's technically my closet, so it'd be obvious who it's for if my parents look in there, which my mom has once already.)

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    Oh, and that's technically my closet, so it'd be obvious who it's for if my parents look in there, which my mom has once already.
    Wait, does she know about you or was it a big surprise?

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    I'm sorry but...


    As for the question itself, I'd say that's a definite no. I don't really get the opportunity to wear diapers nearly enough to even get used to wearing them regularly. Becoming addicted to something that is a relatively rare event seems pretty much impossible.

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    No I'm not addicted.I wear 24/7 but I know I can stop any time I want.I'm just having fun really.

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    We had a thread on this general subject last year and I've run across that wiki and a few other times when addiction has been used in conjunction with diapers. My answer hasn't really changed from that thread. The word doesn't quite fit what this is for me.

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    Looking at the stash that I posted a year ago and put in my album, plus being IC I would say I am addicted to diapers.

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    I would say yes, but at the same time I've managed to balance it out. I've been 24/7 since Nov last year, and in January alone I got three big boxes of 96 each . I do seasonal work so I went ahead and got them plus a box of pampers for doublers . I worry about running out so I bought them, I'm on track on using two a day of each and lasting until early May!

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    I like diapers, they are comfortable, and they make the best of a not so great situation for me, but I cannot say that I am addicted to them.

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    ShAd0w10, I love your pic (off topic) I remember that episode tj detwyler captured by the kinder gardeners.

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