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Thread: 400 posts later- thank you

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    Default 400 posts later- thank you

    A long time ago in a Galaxy tablet far, far away...
    (I had to post this just to start with that sentence)

    I just noticed that I reached my 400th post today. I know there's a lot of people who have posted more frequently and I'll never be able to catch up, but it's still a big surprise to me since I never really intended on being an active member. Like many others here, my first post was made after being forced into posting a greeting to avoid being a dreaded lurker. I was somewhat offended by this and wondered if I should even bother or just go find another site where I could maintain my anonymity.

    I spent my life living in isolation about the diapers and really thought I was a freak and the only person in the world to feel this way (like others here, I know). I had grown up long before the internet and there was no way to connect with others like me, if they even existed. I didn't get a computer until last March and found ADISC several months later.

    I forget why I ever started posting here. I think it had to do with a debate about smoking bylaws in public places and I had pretty strong feelings about it, so I sucked up my courage and contributed my two cents. I was kind of expecting people to respond by saying 'get off our site.' which fortunately didn't happen, and I was grateful for that. Yeah, still some self esteem issues here but I'm working on it.

    Over a short period of time, I've come to enjoy the debates, discussions, and friendships I've made here. The support that I've received has been immeasurable and I hope I have been able to pay some of it back to others. I've felt comfortable enough to put out opinions that I know others are ready to tear apart, but it's only made me stronger and I've pushed myself harder to defend my beliefs. I'm grateful for that. I'm also grateful to the people who have given me pause to reconsider my stance from time to time and have continued to help me shape my outlook on the world. I've also learned that a strong belief or an ideological argument can be put forward with tact and sensitivity, respecting what other members feel and may have experienced in their own lives.

    There's also an ongoing process of improving the quality of my posts. I thought my writing skills were pretty good, but when I see the quality of some of the posts on this site, I strive to do better. Unfortunately, there's always a shortage of time due to the lack of hours in my day, my slow typing skills, and an autocorrecting tablet that overcorrects everything I type. Like I said, it's a work in progress!

    So... thank you for letting me post so often, even though it was never my intent to move beyond lurker status. It's wonderful to feel that I'm a part of such a, diverse, dynamic, intelligent and sensitive community filled with amazing people.

    Here's to the next 400!
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    Great job starrunner. It's fantastic to see what a difference this site makes. I hope that I can say the same as you in a few months.

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    You've done a good job Starrunner. I've always enjoyed your posts. I'm kind of like you when I first started that I would lurk more
    than I would post. Here I am almost a year and a half later and closing in on 2000 posts. Being retired I spend a lot of time on the
    forum. I've made a lot of friends here and the way you are contributing I'm sure you will too.

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    Well, I'm kinda similar to you, but I've been a little less active lately, ever since the 'ban'.

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