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Thread: Weird Sleep Experience.

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    Default Weird Sleep Experience.

    This morning I had one the weirdest sleep experiences Iíve ever had. I thought Iíd share and see if anyone else has had this or something similar happen to them.

    So I woke up for an early morning nap. My eyes were open and my brain was functioning but I couldnít move anything. I felt so disconnected from my body. Try as I may, I couldnít reconnect. It was really freaky. I thought I was dead or something. Fortunately after about a minute I regained control of my body and could move again. Certainly got me out of bed and moving this morning.
    So upon further research it looks like I suffered from a spout of sleep paralysis, in which I interrupted a REM cycle. Pretty interesting, anyway for those of you who have experienced this, what was it like for you? Those of you who havenít hopefully this will provided you the comfort knowing whatís going on should you ever experience it.

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    I too have experienced sleep paralysis...three times! It is truly scary. Mine all occurred in the middle of the night and were accompanied by hallucinations (this can be another effect of SP). The only time I have ever actually wet the bed was during one of these spells. Again, they can be terrifying.

    On a side note, researching about it is a relief and pretty interesting when you learn of all the folklore that surrounds this condition.

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    Been there, done that too many times especially in the later parts of my 54 years and more so if I have been drinking. Seems to happen then work calls with a crises in the wee hours or a disturbance outside my house while deeply asleep. It can be quite unnerving the first time but now I know to start wiggling the parts that will and can get up in time to answer the call to find out what is on fire.

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    I do this to. It's always accompanied by a horrifying dream. Usually, I think someone has broken into the house and is standing over me. I try to get up and defend myself, but I can't move. Then I wake up entirely. Sometimes I think it's a ghost, and sometimes it's been a vampire. Weird dreams to be sure, and an even weirder thing to experience.

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    That sounds really scary! Don't know what I would do didn't even know that this could happen. Thank you for posting it if it happens to me I hope I will panic a little less now.

    Only time I had something like this was when I slept funny and my arm went dead couldn't move it feel it nothing thought I was having a heart attack.

    Can you talk at all when this happens? Think I would just start shouting for help. I hate not being in control of my body

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    In my experiences no, you can not speak. The first time I tried frantically to wake my wife with no avail

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    I have occasional sleep paralysis, around once every 3-4 months. I had them when I was a kid at least once every 3-4 weeks. I usually have some sort of nightmare and when sleep paralysis kicks in, I'll be awake but imagine someone breaking in or a black figure standing over me. It is terrifying. It doesn't help my bedwetting situation, usually when it happens I wake up with a wet diaper. ._. I hate it.

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    I had this happen to me once when I was about twelve I think. I remember it was pretty scary. I woke up from a bad dream and then I couldn't move at all. I tried to call for my brother who was sleeping in the room next to me but I couldn't say anything either. When I was lying there I thought I would never be able to move again. Luckily I haven't experienced it anymore.
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    Oh wow that's freaky. I have had extremely vivid dreams where I had woken, got up and then realised that in fact I was still asleep... Quite unsettling kind of an out of body type experience though I doubt this was the case. I'm not sure I would be very happy with sleep paralysis.....waking up with a 'dead arm' is freaky enough.

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    I had it happen one time. I couldn't move I swear I was screaming help! But and I was crying. I had something "paranormal" holding me down. sounds stupid but I'VE had something follow me since I was a child. It was the worst experience of my life.

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