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    So I'm getting ready to move to Japan and I was wondering if anyone knew of any knew of any good AB diapers available over there. I won't be able to bring many along, but I'm going to be there for four months and I'd hate to have to go that long without. Any ideas?

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    I heard they wear for convenience. Should not be a problem finding them there

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    It won't be a problem, but the variety will be overwhelming. If you spot the brand CoCo, go for it. terrific feeling diaper.

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    Lol, I was talking to daddy and Stormy about this the other night, but I was referring to China :p

    I actually wonder if I can find and import some really top quality ones that end up more cheaper than some of the more well know AB brands. Would be good considering the difference in the dollar.

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    I would do some research of common Japanese supermarkets that you know you will be able to find easily and see what products from there. If a product catches your eye, look it up some more.

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    Well considering that a lot of good diapers out here in the U.S are usually shipped here from China and you will be a lot closer to China while in Japan I think you can order them and get them even cheaper then you would in the U.S for no other reason then reduced shipping costs. Of course that would take some digging and research to find those places but it would be worth it. in fact is there anyone here on ADISC that actually lives in Japan? I suspect we have a few here that actually do. I would recommend looking for one of them and just asking. Of course you could just put a thread up asking that question and chances are you will get a response.

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    Go to to see Japan adult diapers they have some there like the comfy brand to name one.

    This site is good to get an idea of what they have in Japan for adult diapers including adult baby diapers that may or may not be in Japan . The adult baby diapers we have here in America and there websites like gets some if not all of there diapers like the cushies from China though that site. Put in adult baby diaper on the site, after looking through a few pages or so you will come to what we call the cushies diaper.

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    When I used to live in Kyoto, Japan...they had a lot of pharmacy stores that sold a big variety of adult diapers. Not so much abdl style, but all white ones. I typically always saw cloth backed ones. Seeing that youre 21, they will more than likely ask if you know that you are buying adult diapers and not baby ones. I was always asked that question!! Just had to answer wakari mashita. Hope this helps some.

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