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Thread: Science fiction Comedy show! Give me your ideas!

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    Lightbulb Science fiction Comedy show! Give me your ideas!

    So here I am, doing heavy labor working delirious from lack of sleep and I place a box of croutons onto the proper cart when I suddenly have an idea.

    (I know that is dangerous.)

    So here it is:

    The Croutons:
    An alien race from the planet Croutopia which is located... (wait for it)

    In the Saladonia Constellation.

    I am thinking bacon bits so baconite could be like an element or some other form of life.

    Oh... the space ships are powered by Croutonium.

    And in an episode if they ever land on earth they will claim to come from France. (Of course)

    I am considering ways of making this work, from flash animation to actual costumes. In fact, I prefer the classic costume concept because when I think about how they don't make movies like they used to the main difference is an extreme reliance on CG effects instead of real make-up and sets.

    Any ideas ? It's going to be like a spin off comedy that makes fun of all science fiction shows, star trek etc.

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    The croutonians need to stay away from the Blue Cheese Lava pits. We're here - lettuce entertain you!

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    Lets see.

    ALF- Was from a planet that plastic was valuable and gold was trash.

    My favorite Marsian- Trying to hide while on earth.

    Star Trek- going places and seeing all kinds of stuff.

    Third rock from the son- Learning about Humans

    I can list more, but the point is not to get into using someone else script.

    So Given: They are claiming to be French, They are from crouton, and they are looking for Baconites.

    Ok how about.
    They are the space police from the crouton galaxy, looking for the piggish Baconites that are traveling to steal the heirloom Tomatoes and they have zeroed in on a transmission from earth.

    Then you can either make the police into the keystone cops or police squad types, or you can make them serious but the Baconites are so scattered brained that they cant stay on task and they get confused by all of the stuff going on around them and it makes it hard for the space police to tell the difference from the Baconites and some of the social political groups like the tea party and the occupation movement. Confront the police with the opposite ends of the spectrum and how similar they are while being different.

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    Watching Rocky Horror as I read & type this, The Cone Heads were from France so you might want to change that up.
    Bacon power?! Pigs In Space!!! Sorry Muppets.
    Aliens come to Earth, two of them walk up to a gas pump and one says, "Take us to your leader" after a long silence the other says "He can't hear you hes got his dick in his ear". Stole that too.
    Write the screenplay you might make it, it's got to be better than Mars Attacks!

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