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    Default Swaddlers size 5

    Hi guys! I just recently bought a pack of the Size 5 Swaddlers at Walmart and just wanted to share the measurements I got as well as a picture.
    Length 20.5
    Front w/tabs 13"
    Front w/o tabs 9"
    Back w/tapes 28"
    Back w/o tapes 9"

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I also wanted to say that at least on me, they fit the same as Baby Dry size 6 (although they are just barely smaller). I'm really liking the wetness indicator

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    Are the tabs in the back still as stretchy as the Baby Dry Size 6? I have been wondering about getting these for a while but didn't want to waste the money incase they were too small.

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    Thanks! Could you post pics of the different designs or are they all the same?

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    Oh cool, I almost posted a thread asking about those after I saw commercial for swaddlers . Didn't know they made them that big till saw commercial. //indicator is cool. how much do they hold compared to baby dry /s 6?

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    The tabs are as stretchy as cruisers and baby dry (although they pop off a little easier).

    They hold about the same as a baby dry.

    As for the pictures of other designs, I believe there are a few more designs in the bag so I will take pictures this weekend or something and post them

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    how are the swaddlers different from the baby dry or cruisers

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    Different interior cloth (kinda like mesh), different designs, and wetness indicator.

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    Update: I just bought a box last night and don't really need all the diapers, if someone wants some and is willing to pay shipping, I'll send them to you free!

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