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Thread: Hair experts? (long haired guys and girls if possible).

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    Default Hair experts? (long haired guys and girls if possible).

    I don't know where to post this but here it goes...

    I need some help with my hair, I'm looking forward to make my hair much longer, I usually have to wait around 1 or 2 months for my hair to reach the somewhere around in the middle of my neck, thing is that my hair tends to curl like crazy and then my sideburns instead of growing they just bulk around and crook, so the final result is a Beatles-kind hairstyle, but longer and weirder. I have tried to wait for my hair to grow longer after that point but it's just futile, it turns into a giant pillow of hair.

    I have tried almost every method I have found on the internet, magazines and some tips from lots of people with long hair in RL, they've also said there's a shampoo that makes it grow ridiculously fast and long, but I need to ask for the brand.

    And as for the genetical side,I think it's most unlikely because my mother had really long hair for many years and my dad used to have it decently long, so then again, I don't think so. If nothing happens during the next year, I have considered to shave my head for good -_-.

    My goal is to have it this long. http://dailyplanet314.files.wordpres...long-hair1.jpg

    Any kind of help is appreciated =).

    P.S. I don't have any pics of me in this computer right now, but as soon as I take one, I'll post it in the galleries or something so you could have the idea.
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    Invest in a hair straigtener, and shampoo/conditioner to support that and shave the side burns/trim the side burns.

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    I use a product called Humectress, and it works freaking wonders on my hair. Here's my shower routine: 1) shampoo, 2) Humectress, 3) soap my body, 4) wash out the conditioner, 5) COMB my hair while the water is still running. Comb it off to the sides, and PAT your hair dry, then comb it again. Never go to bed with your hair wet, otherwise it will be hell in the morning.

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    @ Mako: I'll check out that hair straightener, thanks =).

    @BabyGrizzy: I'll go check on that product, sounds like it's worth every penny. Just one thing, does it have to be an specific kind of shampoo? I use TresEmme because my hair get a little grease from time to time combined with some Coconut shampoo to make it smooth as silk.

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    I have hair like that. Lots of it, enough for three people. When it grows it doesn't really get longer, more like bigger in all directions with some curl.
    I also have an oily scalp and with high hair density the scalp doesn't shed old skin like it should, kind of the opposite of dandruff.
    I use a tar shampoo called TersaTar that is really effective at removing oil and promotes the shedding of a layer of skin. It can be found in the medical shampoo section of a pharmacy, not with the other shampoos.
    I really got tired of looking after it, so now I keep it at 1/4" in the winter and 1/8" in the summer. Shaving it off sounds like a good idea to me, saves time and money.

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    cut them during crescent moon days, or when moon is in Virgo.

    They'll grow faster

    (this is what legend says)

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    Hi. I'm a stylist. Have been for 6 1/2 years now. Besides being behind the chair, I've educated and do platform (stage) work at hair shows. I charge $69 for women's cuts, $64 for mens, and $49 for kids 12 and under. Just saying, I'm pretty qualified.

    1. Hair grows from the inside out. So as far as anything topical making it grow, it's a lie. Take a good multivitimin and eat healthy. (this is why pregnant women usually have good strong quick growing hair, they are taking pre-natals daily)

    2. Use products infused with mint. I.E.- BED HEAD Treat Me Right deep conditioner, B for Men Clean Up Shampoo and Conditioner, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner. Although this will not make hair grow, it does stimulate the blood flow in the scalp, which inturn assists in hair growth. (this is recommended normally to clients who are balding to try to 'wake-up' any pores that are still working and can be saved, to make them grow hair)

    3. Trim regularly. On average, hair grows 1/2 inch per month, however, if hair is split, it will split or unravel faster than it will grow. Meaning, you don't want long, ratty, nasty hair, because there is no amount of hot oil treatments, pills or deep conditioners that will repair it. I recommend trimming the end 10-12 weeks. The more you get it trimed though,the longer it will take to grow out. If you go every 6 weeks, what you are doing is just maintaining your current shape and not giving it the chance to grow.

    4. Relaxer or curl smoother. DO IT! A relaxer will take most of the curl out of your hair, a curl smoother will loosen the curl and still leave a little body and bounce in for you. It's all a personal preference.

    5. Proper products and tools. Your hair is an investment, both on the time and money side. You should invest in good styling products and good tools (i.e. flat iron for your wave) to get the look you want. Don't do it? It won't look the way you want it too and you'll end up getting frustrated and cutting it off.

    6. Get a good stylist and technician (go to a salon that is departmentalized so that each individual that touches your hair is specially trained in what they are doing). Not to 'dis' anyone else but for your situation, Joanne's Beauty shop is not going to work. You need a team of professionals that are constantly being educated in the feild... you don't want someone who only has a lisence to do hair but doesn't keep up on education, even if they have been doing it for 30 year, it doesn't mean that they have been to a class since getting out of school. Beware! You will pay a hirer price for this but in the end it will be worth it!

    - How do you find a good stylist? Ask around of course! See someone that has the cut/style you want? Ask them where they get there hair done! My clients are my walking advertisements and I always sent them away with a few of my cards so when people ask, they can give them my name and number. Beyond that call salons that you know have been around for a while but are up to date and trendy. Don't know which ones those are? Ask a girl or two, they will know.

    Good luck!

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    You might want to try shampooing every night, and tending to it with a comb or the like. Try hair straightener.

    (I can't talk, my hair is short-ish, black, and somewhat curly.)

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    Different peoples' hair grows at different rates...sooooo hard to tell how long it'll take you to get your hair that long...but I'd say easily a year. hair is nearly to my waist (again)....somehow I tend to chop it to my chin every few years...heheh But, my hair is deadly straight, so can't give you any advice (beyone what's already been given) re straightening your curls.

    Other than that...just be patient...all things come to he who waits! (if he just waits long enough)

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    I've been growing my hair out since May 2005 and it's about a quorter down my back. I'll have to check into some of this stuff because I want it to grow faster but also be healthy.

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