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    So yesterday (3/15)was my birthday and it just really sucked. Times like these I wish I could just be diapered and loved. Am I the only one????
    I long to be put back into a pamper and just taken care of.
    Real life totally sucks.;( ;(

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    I know the feeling. People seem to forget my birthday too. Birthdays are special there your personal holiday. That's why I don't see how people don't care about theirs. A pamper could help you relax on this lonely birthday. next year tell us and we'll celebrate with you. You really are not meant to be alone on that day. Remember we're a family here and we all care. Hold on there and happy birthday.

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    Happy birthday big hugs from me and my teddy. See you're not alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teddybearbaby View Post
    So yesterday (3/15)was my birthday and it just really sucked. Times like these I wish I could just be diapered and loved. Am I the only one????
    I long to be put back into a pamper and just taken care of.
    Real life totally sucks.;( ;(
    Personally I don't care about birthdays and such stuff... to me just another day.

    But I LOVE LIFE... I love the experiences the good and the nasty...
    Life doesn't suck - it is WHAT YOU make out of it.
    it's YOUR LIFE - you have only that one, and it is probably the only thing on earth that truly belongs to you until death takes that away too.

    In my opinion it is your obligation to yourself to make something good out of your life, something where you wake up in the morning and (usually) look forward to another day.

    Find out why you think life sucks - try to combat those problems - find stuff you love doing. Embrace your problems and let them make you stronger.
    Let them beat you down, so you can stand back up stronger...
    Define what you love, get what you truly want.

    I am not saying that you will reach every single goal you define, that you will find all the fulfillment you may be looking for, that you will live all the adventures you may dream about. But it is within your own power to TRY and try hard.
    When the day comes where you will part from this life - and I am not religious, so I don't believe in god(s), heaven, afterlife or whatever - you should be able to look back and be merry that you had an eventful if not easy life.

    Trust me I've dealt with a LOT of crap in my 34 years so far - and I have a feeling that life isn't done with throwing the proverbial book at me for good.
    But hey if it throws it, i'll catch and read it if it knock me out, I'll stand back up - for as long as I can.
    Because I love life - I love the challange... and so should you!

    happy birthday!
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    Happy Birthday! Hope your day is better, I'm sure you will find somebody to diaper you.

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    Me too! I often have days like that too. You're not alone so don't feel bad. Sometimes it just sucks being an adult because you are supposed to be mature and responsible when your very little inside.

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    Well Happy birthday mine was 3/17!! I had a good time I wish I could have been diapered by someone but it wasn't in the cards but I know what you mean!! Hang in there!!

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    I too wish you a belated happy birthday. I know it's tough when you have to be an adult but wish you could just be a baby today.

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    Happy birthday sweetie, one day someone will love you as much as you deserve and they will love to diaper you and treat you in a special way that we all love.

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    Thanks everyone!! Feeling much better today PLUS I am laying here in a fresh dry diaper,with my teddy sucking away on my favorite paci!!

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