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    So my girlfriend and i live together with our 3 kids. Recently I've been hinting about wanting to wear diapers. It started with me telling her about a medical increment that had me incontinent for a couple weeks. She didn't mind. I only told her because my family knows and mentioned that i should tell her about my trip to shoppers drug mart. Anyways. I've been asking her if we could buy some goodnites cause I'm "curious" and i even went as fas as wearing a pullup in bed one night. She wasn't thrilled about it but she's been making little jokes and tried to carry me in her arms today. I'm not asking for advice just sharing for now. I'll keep you all updated.

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    I would suggest that you have a much more detailed plan if you want your girlfriend to accept your wearing diapers. Information can be shared over a period of time, perhaps weeks. If you want her to understand your desire to wear diapers, you will eventually have to explain, and that can be challenging.

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    Sorta having the Same Issue She doesnt mind me wetting/wearing but doesnt like my soiling/messing or changing She said she has to grow Into its usual and all.
    Im not sure witch way this will go, She bought me 4x12 Abri-Form M4 X-Plus it was like 33.20$ from the site she ordered from For each pack .____., I need advice on how to get my girlfriend to understand it better and work with me and my ab/dl side :l

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