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Thread: Your gaming equipment

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    Default Your gaming equipment

    What do you use for computer gaming? This thread is directed at people who have equipment specifically made for gaming. If you want to, you can also post your review of the equipment. I personally do not game very much, but I absolutely love the look of gaming equipment.

    I have a Razor DeathAdder infrared mouse and a Creative HS-1200 Wireless Gaming Headset. The Deathadder has worked perfectly for over a year. I recently got my headset, and the bass is freaking amazing on most songs. It works very well when I am 50 feet away with a wall and closet between me and my computer.

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    A basic logitech mouse, non descript keyboard, a pair of sony MDR-XD100 Headphones which I love, and a plain old Xbox 360 controller for windows.

    Why pay a crapload of money for a gimmicky mouse (Oooh, weights and sensitivity and macro buttons) when any old lazer mouse will do? Then again, I don't dump a whole lot of time into FPS's, so I don't see the difference. Ah well.

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    I got the Logitech G15 for the macro buttons on the side and half the time they don't even work as windows sees them as F keys and if I press one during the game then windows does stuff. But other than that it has a nice blue back light and a LCD screen. I have 2 gaming mice one the MX510 and G7 from Logitech, I switch between them, I mostly prefer the MX510 as it is very light and very good for games like Counter Strike

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    I absolutely love my Mx518 Mouse. Keyboard is a simple black Cherry and i have a Plantronics headset. Mostly play FPS.
    I had a nice force feedback steering wheel once, but gameport devices arent supported anyore by MS. Maybe I'll get a new one some day, dont know. Takes up so much space :/

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    My gaming rig -- who's name is "Orion" -- has a simple USB Microsoft Optical Mouse, and a Wireless Multimedia Keyboard. I want to replace the keyboard soon -- not that it's a bad keyboard, I love it! It's just that when you're gaming, it sucks when you have to change the batteries all the time >_<

    My rig's insides [note to self: edit for photos] are pretty hefty. I ended up blowing all my money on it, leaving me without any for any external stuffs =P.

    It's got;
    - 4GB DDR2 RAM 800MHz OC'd --> 1007MHz | 2x 2GB sticks
    - Pentium D Dual-Core 3GHz Processor - OC'd --> 3.64GHZ | 2MB L2 Cache | 800MHz (stock) FSB
    - 200GB 7,200RPM SATAII Samsung Hard Drive - 16MB cache
    - Windows XP Professional 64-bit (unfortunately =P)
    - nVidia 9500GT 1024MB (Overclocked, too lazy to look up the clock values in the BIOS - OC'd about 40%)
    - 300w PSU (surprisingly, it's enough)
    - Gigabit Ethernet
    - 5.1 Surround Sound (if I ever get a surround kit =P)
    - 2 AC-powered fans (see pictures when I upload 'em), one 180mm; one 85mm, and 2 motherboard-powered fans, both 120mm (one on the CPU/Heatsink).

    My monitor isn't anything special either (Hey, I can't honestly spend $380 on a gaming monitor! It just ain't gonna happen!), I just have a low-resolution 15" LCD @ [email protected] Nothing special yet, but once I finally have a steady paycheck that'll change.

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    Now for periphrials? Nothing special here, I still use a mouse I got in 2003/2004 it was one of the early Wireless optical mouses. Still holdign good. Probably on it's 50th set of batteries. I think it's something lame like 300dpi. But I can use it easily in CoD4.

    My first PC in 2002 cam with a no frills keyboard. and used that until early 2008, as I was using a KVM that needed a USB keyboard. But I washed that keyboard about 4-5 times. Rip all the keys out and wash them indivually and everything :P. However the keys now wobble allot compared to the USb keyboard I mentioned above and am using now. Again, as long as all the keys are the same spacing and shape, I'm happy. I ripped out Caps lock and Right Windows key, as I had a habbit of accidentally pressing them out. I'm not going to splash out a money because they didn't fit those keys in for me. I'll rip them out myself thanks :P

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    i use a Qosmio x305-q701 laptop. a 2$ hp mouse, and stock keyboard

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    Dell Keyboard, $20 cheapo Plantronics headset, it works, isn't uncomfortable, good enough for now, Microsoft Sidewinder, takes some getting used to, but after you do, feels weird to go back, not that I've tried.

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