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Thread: Advice for young people.

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    Default Advice for young people.

    Here's some advice I have for you young folk that I wish I had gotten ten years ago.

    1. Work out/stay in shape. Going for a jog or doing sit ups is a lot easier when you are a 190lb teenager then when you are a 230lb 30 some odd year old who has broken their ankle twice and been shot in the knee by an arrow (just kidding it was a nailgun).

    2. Work a job in the summer during highschool/college and put some of that money into an IRA or some other type of retirement fund. It is worth it I think and the sooner you do it the more it will be worth.

    3. Ask that girl/guy out that is way out of your league. If they say yes then great! If they turn you down then you probably made their day a little better (who doesn't like getting asked out?) and at least you will never have to wonder what could have been.

    4. [removed]

    5. Laugh.
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    fornicate, get drunk, wreck a car, fight, survive, enjoy the headaches, find love, find stuff you love doing, see the world, life your life as there would be no tomorrow, but don't be stupid and think that there will be no tomorrow
    (I guess #4 should be something along that line)

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    Lol removed for reference to illegal activity? I thought ADISC was 18+ now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VerticalDrop View Post
    Lol removed for reference to illegal activity? I thought ADISC was 18+ now?
    That didn't change anything with regard to the posting or encouraging of illegal activity.

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