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Thread: Diaper weekend! new diapers

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    Default Diaper weekend! new diapers

    I have the house to myself this weekend. Diaper time! Will be getting out my stash of ABU Sissies and I get to try my new Awe So Cutes! Any thauts on the Awe so's??? Can't wait!

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    Sounds good.I just got my pack of Abena M4's today and cant wait to try them.Once my current nappy has been wet to capacity I'll change into a pair.Cant say I relate to your other mentioned nappy's, I think they may be for the American market and I'm from the UK.Enjoy your nappy weekend :-).

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    I mean, who doesnt love a Diaper Weekend! Anyways, enjoy your time!

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    Not sure I like the awe so cutes. Don't really fit like other diapers. Can't decide if I like the way they feel. Almost too plastic in front. I'll wear them to bed tonight and maybe they will grow on me. Used white duct tape to get them posistioned just right. Tapes are in weird spot. Ones not low enough...

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    Just got a shipment of cloth overnights and plastic pants. Can't believe how incredible new diapers feel!

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