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Thread: Hey there everyone

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    Default Hey there everyone

    I'm new to this site and could use a little help on how to do everything.

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    Hey there my daddies daddy, fancy meeting you here :p (furry families are awesome!)

    OK about the site. As it states on the banner, ADISC is a support community for AB/DL and alike. Basically how things work here is if say, a member puts up a post seeking council on any given topic, maybe he/she wants to come out to family or friends about this side of them, then people from the community who may, or may not have been through it already can offer insight as to how a scenario might play out, and deal with it, and offer further support for those that have come out about it.

    Basically, we're just one big blanket community here and try to help in every way possible. And although role play isn't something that happens here often, it is not discouraged, either.

    Enjoy your stay, Stormy Wolf.

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    Storm! *wags* ^.^

    - - - Updated - - -

    Though, looking at your age, you're probably a different Storm. The one I'm thinking of would have to be older.
    But welcome anyway! ^.^

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    Quote Originally Posted by StormyWolf View Post
    I'm new to this site and could use a little help on how to do everything.
    Hi Stormy, welcome to the community. Any family of Leppard is a friend of ours indeed. Take care and hope to see you around.

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    *Waves a paw* Welcome to here :3 Nice to see more fluffballs ^^ I hope you'll enjoy your stay

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