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Thread: Any fellow Space Ninjas out there?

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    Default Any fellow Space Ninjas out there?

    Hello there folks,

    Recently I have gotten into a game about being Ninjas in space. Well more like running in cool suits with powers while slicing and shooting my way through baddies, that game is Warframe[If you don't know what it is check it out: Warframe on Steam <its bit of a grind game atm>

    Anyways while at this point I am part of a clan in the game I do find only a small few of the clan get together from time to time to do actual missions here and there so decided hey what the Hek and see if any fellow forum members played the game as well and maybe wanted to run missions or whatever on the game itself, for personal reason I wont post my actual in-game name but maybe if there are enough people in the forums that play we can have our private little group for it.

    If not I hope you give the game a try, it has proven to show potential and hope more people can come into it so I can hang out with fellow forum members.

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    I've given it a shot, got Excalibur to lvl 30, and I'm fairly certain I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing in the game xD

    It was pretty interesting, just that hack/slash and shoot feeling. Though, I felt like I was missing something throughout the game, I was having a hard time soloing instances... Maybe I'm just bad at it lol

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