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Thread: What do you use for your diaper? ie lotions and powder

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    Default What do you use for your diaper? ie lotions and powder

    What do you use for your diaper? ie lotions and powder

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    Just powder especially around where the leg openings are. I use Johnson & Johnson pure Cornstarch baby powder.

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    Powder or Rash Cream for the diaper area only.

    I use baby lotion but i use it after I shower or shave my body, and i use it on my arms and legs but never on the diaper area. And baby oil even less.... I only use baby oil to remove my makeup when i don't have any makeup remover wipes.

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    Mainly powder, helps with smell and absorption. I don't wear 24/7 so I don't have to worry about skin irritation.

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    I don't use anything, really. Sometimes a little neosporin or aloe vera to help the skin if it's irritated at all. I hear powder actually hurts absorption of the diaper a little because it turns to mud and clogs the pores of the diaper. Don't know personally as I've never really used it.

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    I like powder. It can clog if you put too much on, but don't be too liberal in the application

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    I use J&J cornstarch powder at every change. Use Balmex rash cream when needed.

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    Balmex and gold bond at every change. No rash since I started this regiment.

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    I just use powder though I've tried baby lotion and baby oil in the past. The other stuff like lotion or oil is just unnecessary. Though they can be fun if you getting decked out for bed.

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