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    Default Plastic Pants trouble

    So I wear plastic pants over my diaper at night so I make sure there arent any leaks to ge the bed wet. Well it aint workin! Whats strange is they are pretty tight fitting cause they usually leave a small mark on my legs after I take them off, but somehow they still arnt doing their job. Any suggestions, types? I got a pair of leakmasters size small.

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    it sounds like you need a bigger size, like a medium
    if there too tight they don't work well and are uncomfortable.

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    Cloth or disposable diaper you're wearing?

    Type of diaper?

    And do you wet intentionally (let go) or do you wet the bed due to the IC? If you wet intentionally and the leaks occur quickly afterwards, maybe slow down on the wetting-speed?
    if you can't help it and are a bed-wetter: choose a different product or make sure you diaper yourself correctly. (for example if you're a man: point your penis downwards (between the legs) and not upwards - that alone makes a heck of a difference).

    I've been dealing with IC and bedwetting my entire life - and these days have VERY VERY rare leaks - usually so minor it's not worth mentioning.
    I've learned to 95% of the time sleep on my back - sleeping on your side introduces a number of leaking-issues easily.

    if you wert because of your IC / are a bedwetter (non-intentional wetting): try throughout the day to watch what you eat / drink. DO KEEP HYDRATED... forget the crap about no liquids before...
    But drink frequently (like every hour or two hours about a glass...) and not like twice a day, 3 gallons ... avoid coffee, coca cola & Co., alcoholic beverages and certain teas.
    if you can void naturally before getting into your night time diaper...
    This will certainly NOT rid you of the bedwetting, but it will limit the possible output... and thus enable you to handle even frequent bedwetting easily with good diapers.
    I personally wear attends M10 Regular or Tena Slip Maxi if I want to sleep longer in the morning or had a beer or two in the evening.
    More has never been required for myself.

    Now if you have quality diapers (disposable), if you put them on correctly (snug but not too snug, make sure you place them nicely, manage the leak guards / leg-gathers to not be "twisted around", etc.) you should really rarely have any leaks at all.

    To be honest I'm not a big fan of plastic pants - I feel they do not a lot if anything at all with disposable diapers (of course with cloth....). As the liquid will just get temporarily trapped between the plastic pant and the outer shell of the diaper.
    and eventually seep through somewhere.

    Now if I'm staying at hotels, friends places etc.. and really really don't want ANY leaks: you can wear your disposable diaper, and put a somewhat thicker terry-type pant over top (or too large / not too tight fitting) pairs of underwear (cotton) over the diaper followed by the plastic pant (personally I wear PU Type pants if I must wear any such thing - hate the PVC stuff).
    This way, urine that escapes the diaper, can get at least "wicked" around the diaper and kept in place by the plastic pant.

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    Try bigger plastic pants over a thicker cloth diaper. I am a very heavy wetter at night, and always have been. When I was a child,
    my mom would always use 3, and sometimes 4 cloth prefold diapers on me for bedtime. I always had a HUGE diaper bulge under
    my pajama pants, however the bed was always dry.

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    Yes, I think the problem is with the diaper rather than the plastic pants. If it helps, I have a 32" waist and I wear small, Leakmaster high back plastic pants, and I never leak. I wear nighttime weight, gauze cloth diapers, and they absorb all the liquid. If you have free, floating liquid in the plastic pants, they will eventually leak out, often from the back, and sometimes from the leg openings. The diaper must contain the liquid for the plastic pants to function without leaking. They might contain a little bit of wetness, but not a lot.

    I assume the plastic pants cover the entire diaper, with none of the diaper sticking outside of the plastic pants? Excuse me if I just asked a dumb and obvious question....sigh.

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    Plastic pants act as a waterproof barrier for cloth diapers, just like disposables have a plastic lining for a waterproof barrier as well. Same idea here, just one is all in one and is thrown away after use and the other is reusable and plastic is separate for easier laundering.

    Plastic pants have no ability to absorb anything, it just keeps moisture from escaping so the absorbent material can do it's job.

    Also liquid is always looking for the easiest way to escape, it's going to go for the lowest part that gravity pulls it to. Most plastic pants have elastic bands around waist and legs. The liquid will wick through that as well.

    If you bought plastic pants for extra capacity for disposables, that's not a great idea, when the disposable is at capacity, the liquid will find add-on escape route and eventually get pulled by gravity into the plastic pants.

    Plastic pants can and will buy you a bit of time between changes but it's not going to hold anything beyond a heavy sweat.

    If I were you, either buy premium disposable diapers and and booster pads, or some cloth diapers and layer them until you are able to wake up with dry sheets.

    Plastic pant sizing, if tight, will tear eventually. Baby-Pants has a great sizing chart for them and you can measure your legs and waist to get the biggest that can fit you.

    I can fit in the large size, but I wear 3X because I'm within the unstretched/stretched range of all sizing deminsions, and its tight enough and I can fit plenty of cloth in it without any problems at all. Purchase a fabric measuring tape to get the best out of your cloth diapers.

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    ok thats good to know. Iw as wearing them with my disposables. I guess that makes sense then. Thanks for the help

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    I often wear a double layer cloth pull up over my disposable and under my rubber pants, that works very well if the disposable gets too full overnight.

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