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    Talking Hello to you all

    Hi, I've been a follower of this site for a while and have found the information contained within the forums very useful so far and thought it was time to introduce myself
    I've had the urge to wear diapers for as long as I can remember. I joined this forum in the hope that I could find some answer as to why the need to wear is there. My wife knows of my compulsion to wear diapers but is still, like me she is trying to understand why.
    My interests outside of my work include restoration of classic cars and working on my property. I like watching TV drama series and most kinds of films. Most of my time off from work is spent with my family.
    I'm looking forward knowing you all better

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    Hey there Bushdog, welcome. Pretty decent intro, I'm sure with such broad interests you'll find plenty of people to chat with. I'm not sure that you'll find the answer to $64,000 question here, but you may learn to better accept who you are. Good luck and enjoy finding your way round.

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    Hi ozbub,
    Thanks for the welcome. I'm sure I will not find the answer to the $64000 question but I think it's more about acceptance within myself for who I am.
    Thanks again

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    I understand Bushdog. I have just joined this online community with the hopes that the more I have to do with people like me the more I might permit myself to accept my AB side. I accept everyone else who is an AB/DL but Im so afraid of rejection and negative responses that I feel like I should be ashamed to love my dummy.
    Hope we will both find our place in this community.

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    H godsclaws,
    Well put it's the rejection and negative responses that worry me in the acceptance of myself. I also accept everyone else for their AB/DL side. I'm sure that we will both find our places within this friendly community.
    Time will only tell if we can move past the feeling that we will be rejected and shamed for our feelings towards our intrests outside what is classed as normal.

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