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Thread: I "diapered" my Plushies today!

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    Default I "diapered" my Plushies today!

    Today I diapered "Poopy", my teddy bear, "Precious", my Baby Dolly, and "Shrek Ogre". Not just put a toddler diaper on each of them, but I also put plastic pants of them too. Aww! So Cute!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Anybody else "diaper" their plushie lovable?

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    Aww that's cute I've thought about trying to diaper my plushies but I don't think they are big enough.

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    I use a Lil Mover diaper on my Stitch plushie.
    Sometimes I put one on my large Bedtime Bear too.

    Tho its not a real one, I got one from Build-A-Bear.
    Its just a simple cloth one tho still fits the BABW plushies great. Came with a bib too.

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    Aww! How cute! I'm gonna do that if I get some baby diapers

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    My teddy bear 'Sydney' has had a newborn nappy on for years and Ive even bought him baby clothes because he fits newborn clothes perfectly! Every now and then I change his outfit.

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    This has always been my avatar. Sometimes I think my plushies have a better wardrobe than I do! But underneath they are always diapered. Cloth with plastic pants. At least I can still get them.


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    My teddy bear wears a pink Onesie with white hearts and a Luvs size 3 diaper underneath. And i have a bunny plushy that also wears Luvs size 3 but no onesie. I have a giant dog teddy that I put Cushies on sometimes :P

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    I've never tried this, because my stuffed animals sit out in my room, and my mom's always coming in to tell me something or another >_> Plus I think my Huggies size 6's would be a bit to big for them.

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