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Thread: How often do you sleep in a diaper?

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    Default How often do you sleep in a diaper?

    As I've previously said my husband has only recently 'come out' about his liking for diapers. Over the past week he has now slept in his diaper every night. I'm guessing after hiding it for so long he feels he has a lot of catching up to do.
    I was just wondering if this is common so often amongst DLs and ABs or if I should be encouraging him to try and have nights off.
    I know it'll be different for everyone so was just trying to get a better idea.

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    I sleep in a nappy every night and have done over the last 3 weeks as I'm now wearing 24/7.I don't know how many other DL's sleep every night, but I'm guessing quite a few.Sometimes I think about having a break but don't see why I should as I enjoy it and live on my own so it doesn't bother anyone.

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    I sleep most nights in a diaper. And wake up most mornings in a wet one

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    Quote Originally Posted by chamberpot View Post
    I sleep most nights in a diaper. And wake up most mornings in a wet one
    I have never woken up in a wet one.Does that start to happen after a while of wearing every night?.

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    For some time I would have said it worked out to about once a week for 24 hours or less at a stretch. In the last year or so, I think my wearing has increased but is probably still less than two days a week. It's sporadic, so I might go a couple weeks with little or diaper time and then wear for a more extended period.

    For the most part, I can wear whenever I choose, so this is not any kind of deprivation. I tend to credit my better attitude toward my ABDL urges with indulging more or less as desired. We are all different, so it's not easy to say it's a binge due to openness or it's his normal urge. Is it a problem?

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    I usually prefer to sleep in a diaper because I sleep better then and I am in a more relaxed state. This does not always happen to be the case though, because life usually impedes on my opportunities and I usually come home late and am to tired to put one on, or I might be sleeping some other place then my home and then I won't bring any diapers with me.

    The one thing I do know about most AB/DLs is that wearing a diaper is quite simply a means of relaxation (not saying that there aren't other reasons, but for many it helps them to relax). If you are fine with him wearing during the night and if he prefers it then I would let him just decide when he wants to wear. The ping/purge cycle usually kicks in at some point and he might feel like stopping for a night or a few days and then get back into it again. The only reason you should explicitly tell him to stop wearing them at night is because of a health issue, like if he gets a rash or something like that.

    I'm happy to hear that you are excepting this aspect of his life.

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    I myself being IC sleep in one every night. I probably average between 2 to 3 wettings a night.

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    Thanks Foxkits for your pm - I can't reply at the moment because of my status on this site.
    Again I keep asking myself the 'impact' question - does it actually impact negatively and I think that overnight when I'm asleep anyway then it's fine. It just seems very full at the moment. Just trying to understand where both of us would like to be and where my own boundaries are.
    Thanks for the support - it is very much appreciated

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    I know its so new I went 3 years with out trying to give them up but when you do that the craving were always there. There are times i dont wear but mostly every nite it gives me comfort and helps with my stressful life.
    I cant tell how many time I felt a freak then I felt Im ok.
    You see the thing that makes a person feel weird is every kid from the time they are pottie trained is diapers are for babys your not a baby are you baby stuff is bad in negtive way brain washing so every one carries this negative mind set. But it feels good to some . If there is one person there are others. The best to you both.

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