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Thread: First Baby Item?

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    Default First Baby Item?

    Mine was a pacifier. <.<
    Lost it a few weeks later.

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    I suppose it was a cloth diaper that I made from a terry cloth towel. I got in a "purge" mood a bit afterwards, scared it would be found, and threw it away soon after.

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    Lol, I wonder how my mum would respond if I were to ask her what my first baby item was?

    She'd probably say: Well that's a weird question to be asking!

    But my first AB item was padding, that's for sure. But during my infancy, no idea, probably a paci or some sort of toy or plushie.

    Sorry Nick, but my memory just ain't that good...
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    My first toy was a baby Donald stuff animal that I still have but my first DL item was diapers.

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    A pair of shortalls that I bought at a thrift store when I was 15.

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    My first ABDL item was certainly diapers, although I still have my blanket, stuffed mouse, and Winnie the Pooh from when I was an actual baby. I have a few of the actual cloth diapers I wore as a baby, too.

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    With me it was store bought diapers that got used and thrown away. After that when I found out what a AB/DL was 6 months ago I finally just got a cheap bottle and now I just added a Nuk 5 to the list and spill proof baby bottle to the cheap piece of crap one I got for a $1 somewhere.

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