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Thread: I cant Decide ....

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    Default I cant Decide ....

    DS games...I have 2 choices : Final Fantasy 4 or Dragon Quest 4 ...any ideas and why?

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    Default gona have to say dragon quest 4

    so far its ds life seems to be going graet. and those games are almost always excellent.
    another great thing is they usually have great replay values and such. i cant really say since people have different opinions in games but ill have to say dragon quest 4 is mine

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    final fantasy man its a clasic and it will probaly be worh a little more in a few years.
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    Final Fantasy IV. That is, unless you're a retro freak, played the original Final Fantasy IV (II in North America) fifty-hundred times and hate remakes with a passion.

    But if not, play it dammit.

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