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Thread: jealous about toys?

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    Default jealous about toys?

    About I week ago my wife and I had some friends over so I could fix my friends car, and his girlfriend brought her son who just turned two, he didn't really have anything to play with or anything to drink out of, so while me and my friend were outside working she gave him one of my favorite blankets and a sippy cup I don't use along with my shoe box that I keep all my toy cars in to play with. She had a good cover up for all of it, the toy cars were hers little brothers for when they visit, the cup was out of the stuff we have collected for when we have a baby one day,and the blanket was hers. Of course all of this wasn't true but she didn't want him to not have anything to do. I didn't know about any of this until I came back in and my LITTLE side kinda kicked in and I got kinda jealous or upset that someone else was playing with my toys.
    So I'm curious if anyone else has had similar experiences like this?

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    Not really the same, but I love RC toys so if i see someone playing with anything RC then I tend to get really ''excited'' I have 3 RC cars and 1 RC helly and they are so much fun, but I don't think I would like it if anyone else was to play with them.....nuh uh.

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    Yea that's kinda how I felt I wasn't really mad or anything, just a little upset that she didn't ask me first.

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    I get excited and kind of jealous when I see kids playing with toys I want. I don't know how I'd feel if anyone were to play with my toys, maybe if they asked nicely. I think I would feel kind of upset in your situation, she should at least ask first.

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    I'm just the opposite. I play with the toys we bought for when our little grandchildren come to visit. I wonder how they'd feel if they knew I was playing with their toys? As for my toys, I keep them hidden.

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    I would be quite happy if a real child was playing with my toys, with the exception of my stuffed animals.

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