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Thread: UK - no more DryNites L/XL?

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    Default UK - no more DryNites L/XL?

    Anyone else having trouble finding the L/XL DryNites in supermarkets?

    In most stores it's an empty shelf now, but in one this week they don't even have a shelf for them.

    On the website, the smaller sizes are the only ones prominently pictured.

    I hope they haven't been discontinued - it's the only reasonably accessible nappy for anyone who can't buy online e.g. teenagers

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    No issues here.

    Drynites website still has all the sizes clearly displayed - I wouldn't say that only the smaller sizes are the only ones prominently pictured.

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    Good nite l/XL are still very common here in USA. We go through a pack every week at my house. Since they are the same product from the same company I would say they just might be sold out where you are. Not sure about statistics there but where I live bed wetting is very common in older kids under 11. 4 of my Lil bros friends still wet same as him almost every night. They wouldn't discontinue a product that is still selling strong

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    Demand is lower, so stores just stock less of them, don't be surprised they're out of stock. When I lived in the UK I remember how my local Sainsbury's and Boots only had 1 or 2 packs of the 8-15 L/XL size. Also consider the nascent introduction (and unsurprising popularity) of the DryNites Bed Mats products, undoubtably upseating the popularity of the Pull-Ups range.

    I do remember pharmacies tending to have them in stock better than supermarkets, so my only real suggestion is to shop there, or shop online - if you're over 16 (heck, I'm meant to assume you're over 18) then you'll probably have a Visa or Mastercard from your bank or building-society which you can shop online with - if not, get one!

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    Pampers Underjams XL are so much better then Drynites, I love how soft and comfortable they are to wear plus I think they hold more then Drynites, but I do like the fact that Drynites update the designs now and then something Pampers don't do which is a shame.

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    I have no problems finding them in Tesco or Asda. Stock seems fine to me

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    wish they would discontinue drynites altogether and start making pampers baby dry in a true size 6 and 7.

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