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Thread: Snuggies Diapers

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    Default Snuggies Diapers

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Snuggies Diapers

    Wrap your Adult Baby, or yourself, in Snuggies Diapers. Giving added security to help you be as self confident and comfortable as possible. Waddlers are absorbent enough to last up to 12 hours with up to 67oz capacity. Giving you overnight protection or for long travel occasions by helping absorb even the heaviest wettings. Plus the Waddlers' baby print, designed by Vincent Vangoo, allows you to let the inner child out. - See more at: Waddler

    Right now they dont seems to know if this is going to be a single tape diaper or a double one.

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    o,o those look nice. i would love a few of those!

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    Interesting. Maybe AB/DL becoming more of a trend isn't such a bad thing after all, manufacturers seem to be catching on a lot these days.

    I like it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Note View Post
    Interesting. Maybe AB/DL becoming more of a trend isn't such a bad thing after all, manufacturers seem to be catching on a lot these days.

    I like it...
    Yes i have notes that to.

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    Seems to me like they're jumping the gun a bit on the website. I do hope that these become a reality, if for no other reason than to bring another option for a printed AB/DL diaper into the mix, but their website is a mess right now and there's no clear picture on how close they are to producing these.

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    Those look very adorable. But judging by the website, it doesn't look likely to become a reality any time soon (if at all).

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    I will be inclined to take the product more seriously when I see production begin. Until then it's just wishful thinking that is posted to a website. Although I hope I am wrong on the latter.

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    I saw the website yesterday, the design is awesome, the only thing to do now is wait for a developed product.

    And those diapers should come in size small !

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    Wow! Those look really awesome!

    I look forward to a time when they might actually become a reality though

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    Hmm, not even ready for their first production run, is the answer i got when i emailed questioning ordering and cost.
    So i think this is jumping the gun a bit as well

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