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    When you wear underwear over diapers is it a tight fit? Is it best to wear a size bigger or does it not matter that much?


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    I wear my panties over my diapers everyday. I did step mine up a size to fit better over my Asorbency Plus Level 4's.

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    I wear the same size as I normally do, it stretches them out a bit more, but it's no big deal.

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    When I wear underwear over my diaper it's not really a tight fit unless I wear my old medium briefs (whitey tighties). I don't even know why I bought them, maybe for wearing just a pad? Anyway, I wear boxer/briefs on a daily basis (large) and they are not tight over the diaper but tight enough to help conceal it under clothes (helps with noise). I say NO, you do not need to go out and buy larger undies for over your diaper. A tight fit will help hide the noise, keep your diaper up close to your body where it belongs and slightly help the tapes stay taped.

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    The reason I wear underpants over my diaper is to provide support to prevent sagging when the diaper gets wet. For that to work, the underpants need to fit snugly over the diaper.

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    LIke others said, a tight fit to stop sagging and noise.

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