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    Well today is my birthday and the reason why I am making this thread is because I was forced to shut down a account to avoid having unauthorized charges from a "insurance company" take away the money I was planning to use for a small meal at a restaurant and a movie ticket. I bought a nuk 5 from ebay and then later I find this pending unauthorized charge on my account for me card so I had to finally block them from getting it through so I only suffered a small loss for the cost of replacing my card and no access to that money until next week.

    I don't normally ask for support like this but I was a little hurt by this even though this was not the worst that has happened to me and probably not even the worst that has happened to most of the individuals reading this thread obviously. I just have a hard time learning how to ask for help and could use some advice on that subject since I have no clue how to even go about dealing with things like this in general on a personal standpoint.

    Keep in mind I will be gone most of the day doing volunteer work at my church so I don't have to be alone couped up in my residence all day. I will return to this thread in the evening.

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    First of all, Happy Birthday! Sorry it sucked so far.

    I found the best way to ask for money (I'm assuming that's what you want) is to be honest with people. Ask parents, siblings or your church for a small loan to get you by until you can repay them. Some might even make it a gift. You say you volunteer at a place or two that probably help the needy. Ask the manager for help.

    Those are the ideas that popped into my head first. If you can elaborate on your situation a little further, then maybe I can come up with another idea or two.

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    Your post was a little vague but I am taking it as: You opened an email that stated your account had an unauthorized charge?

    My first impression after reading your post was that you have encountered an email scam. You did not detail any specifics about receiving an emai and responding to itl. If you did, call your bank immediately!

    Scammers are getting very clever. They play on fear. Their motive is to get you to read an usolicited email and respond in panic. I have seen many clever titles or descriptions to get you to enter your information to "de-activate" your account. Other tactics are to "alert" you to a stalled shipment or a parcel or mail.

    The piece of advice I have given to my folks who are still learning obout the internet is: If you don't know EXACTLY who sent this email or if you don't know EXACTLY why you have received it or who sent it then don't open it. Even if it "sounds" urgent.

    The way scamming works is the frauder plays on your fear of getting frauded and gets the recipient of the email to enter their information to stop fraud.

    Another good rule-of-thumb to remember is that banks will never send you an email requesting you to input your password, code, or information. This also applies to shipping companies. Normally you should/would be the 'requestor' of information.

    As I type this in haste, I hope this does not describe your situation. I wish you luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by accepted View Post
    ....... is because I was forced to shut down a account to avoid having unauthorized charges from a "insurance company" take away the money I find this pending unauthorized charge on my account for me card so I had to finally block them from getting it through so I only suffered a small loss for the cost of replacing my card and no access to that money until next week.

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    good points in the above; there's obviously more, but you're best of reviewing the scams and tricks, and how to avoid them on one of the many news/information sites.
    other scams can come on the phone (and sometimes as a combination of web and phone), so before you 'confirm' any of your details to them, ask them to confirm who they are to you. any doubts, tell them to send you a proper letter, on which you should find company details for you check on the net (reviews, government registrations, tax postings, etc).

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    I'm sorry such a crappy thing happened on your birthday! And I agree - contact your bank to check up on those charges, and make sure it's a real thing. Above all, never send your bank info over email to anyone, even if it looks like your bank. The bank will be able to help sort it out. I hope the rest of your day goes better!

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    Oh that was just a unauthorized charge on my Walmart prepaid money card. I did manage to stop the loss of any money it's just that no one was going to access that money until my new card came in the mail. I thought I had to wait another week to get access to the money on that account until I got the card in the mail this evening (it's morning now I just got home). Customer support even gave me an extra $5 because it was my birthday! I was not expecting to get this lucky and all I had time to do was go watch a movie at the theater tonight that's why it took me so long to get back to all of you!

    As for my bank sorting this out well this had nothing to do with them actually. You see I bought a pacifier from ebay recently and this charge was actually a scam from some "insurance" company to make sure I have "coverage" for anything that gets delivered to my residence. They lied to me and I just happen to block them from charging me twice and I managed to recover most of the money. I will elaborate further after I get some sleep because it's past 4 in the morning here and I need to sleep with my binky really badly before my face does the "typing" on this keyboard instead of my hands! I was only hurt more because I almost had a horrible birthday and I was feeling depressed because of it until that pleasant surprise. I will talk to you all tomorrow and thank you all for being so supportive!

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    Alright I am alert now and can tell you more about how lucky I got. I went to my church and did volunteer work throughout most of the day thinking I was going to be couped up otherwise if I didn't do that and found out the hard way that the church was closing early anyways and that I was in for a very rough night. Keep in mind my new diabetes medication appears to be aggravating my depression already (I am changing the medication again soon anyways). I get home and pull out the mail and find my new card! I just immediately call the number on the new card and activate it then I had to call customer support to reload the previous balance onto it and they gave me an extra $5 on the card just because it was my birthday yesterday! then I get this wonderful birthday card that brought me peace on top of that! The birthday card says "It isn't the birthday that's important, It's the person... let's celebrate you!". I have never heard anyone tell me that before and I was one of those types that never really did much on my birthdays usually because I had no real motivation to try. I have to hang onto this birthday card to help me think about how not waste any more time!

    The damage that this fraudulent charge on my card caused me was not about the money in and of itself but because the money was supposed to be spent on my birthday and that I was going to have to stay at home alone all day that was where it hurt.

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