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Thread: Wearing diapers to the movies?/How to hide the bulk?

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    Default Wearing diapers to the movies?/How to hide the bulk?

    Hi all,
    So when I go to the movies by myself or with my girlfriend, I always wear diapers so I don't have to leave during the movies. the thing is I always wear my belissimo's with a stuffer and usually some plastic pants to significantly reduce the chances of leaking. I wanted to know if you had any tips on hiding such thick ones. I usually wear jeans but I think some people noticed. any tips????

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    I think it's got to be PRETTY obvious for people to notice, they are usually not all tuned into whom is wearing a diaper.

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    First off, you don't need anything near that much protection. A standard Bambino will hold up through two movies, maybe 3. A Belissimo is nearly impossible to fill. I once wore and used one for 7 hours, 2 Bawls, and several Mt. Dew in a rather long fun gaming session. A stuffer and plastic pants are just beyond overkill.

    ALL of that said, most people still wouldn't notice. Those that did, wouldn't care. What goes on in your pants is none of their business.

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    When I go, I wear a diaper as well. Im not to worried about people seeing it. I usually go during the early afternoon on my days off when very little people are there. I even wear leggings or thick tights to the show, wearing a t-shirt over. Im not scared or worried about anyone seeing. If you wear at night, no one is going to be looking.

    The rule of thumb always applies. Unless people are actively looking for a diaper on your butt, no one is going to find one.

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    Get something that is kinda baggy but not too baggy that you will be obvious. And always be sure to clean your self. (Take a shower if you need to) BEFORE going to the movies. You will be sitting there for a couple hours of your time. Chances are that you will be sitting there among people who don't know you at all. And you don't want to be making their moving going experience a horrible one.

    Also Get some Boxers and an undershirt and tuck the Undershirt in to the boxers and then put on your over clothing. Ether that or get one of those that have snaps down in the crotch area like how a baby shirt would be.

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    Indeed, a stuffer and plastic pants are way too much. If you're concerned about the diaper bulge, wear cargo pants.

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    If it's not too hot, wear a long coat!

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    i really don't think you'd have a problem, once in the theater its pretty dark. Everyone will be focused on the screen and most people have better things to do than staring at you butt. I've worn the exact combination driving 18 wheelers, I walked in to stores and never had a problem. the only person concerned about puffy butts, is you.

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    As a nappy lover I realize there's no 'need' to go out wearing a nappy as I'm not incontinent and therefore is a deliberate choice.When I go out wearing a nappy I realize I'm deliberately taking a risk where somebody could see I'm wearing.I am as discreet as possible and wear jeans and a top that covers it as much as possible, but I still know I'm taking a risk.If I really didn't want to get caught in any given situation outside of home, whether it be friends, family, cinema..whatever, then I wouldn't wear them at all.By going to the cinema diapered you cant actually be that bothered about getting caught anyhow so just wear them and forget about it, because you're deliberately taking the risk anyhow.According to your profile you're a DL so you're wearing them willfully, you're not actually incontinent and need them.If you're really that bothered about getting caught then don't wear them outside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lozza1979 View Post
    If you're really that bothered about getting caught then don't wear them outside.
    or he could wear a nice, frilly dress:

    of course, we have to think about this issue within the greater context of people spending hours sat in their own waste, when the 'norm' for diaper use would be to change as soon as possible once wetted/messed.

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