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    So of late, I've been wanting a crib... I currently have a twin sized bed that sits between 20 and 24 inches off the ground. Does anyone know of anyone that manufactures a crib that is the size of a twin mattress?

    Just kind of curious...


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    If you ever find something like that, I would be interested, the normal cribs aren't made to fit a twin size mattress, only some special needs ones that are extremely expensive (they know people will use insurance to pay them so they don't care about prices usually)

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    There is a person by the name thrashbear that I think still makes them...

    I made my own, more like a hospital crib, metal bars, out of aluminum...cost me about 1500 so far...waiting till its warm to paint it...thinking of multi colored bars though...

    I know you can find some bunk beds that would be easy to convert though...

    It's basically a two sided crib already...use rails from top on lower, or make some would be a quick cheap alternative...

    I have triple bunk beds, my ex's sons room, and I've slept on it, feels cozy...


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    No thrash bear got out of cribs a while a go sorry.

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    I purchased plans for making a frame that basically stood around my twin bed and transformed it into a baby crib. The plans cost me something like $25 and the materials were supposed to cost under a hundred dollars. But in the end It cost me more like $200 for the materials. I did make a modification to the plans though. They had the front of the crib opening like a gate swinging sideways. But I made it so the front rails raised up and down one rails. Then it was locked in the up position when raised to the top. Unfortunately, it was a few years ago so I can't remember who I bought the plans from. But maybe a Google search might find it.

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    for a crib, I would definitely want to make it myself. just because I know I would take pride in my work and make it top quality. but it would take a while and a lot more work than just buying it

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    Hello Reificap, those were the plans you got off my site at CRIB. The plans are $20.00. I will update the information though on total cost of supplies. I have the same crib from when I built it in 2001. Back then, I only paid about a hundred dollars for all the wood at home depot. I hadn't accounted for the rise in prices over the years. Sorry about that. As for the bars sliding up and down, the current version of the plans include the rail going up and down. I only made it so the rail opened out like a gate as a second option for people like myself. I have a spinal injury and can't easily climb over the rail very easy. So I open it like a gate instead. But I will make sure to update the price of the supplies. I would also love to see a picture of how your crib turned out. I just love seeing how people who bought the plans did up their crib. But yea everyone, the crib isn't really a "crib" as it doesn't support the mattress. The bars go around the sides of the bed and bolt or zip tie together. They are pretty strong, keep me from rolling out of the bed. . My e-mail address is on the page I mentioned above, so if anyone has any questions I can be reached there. When I came up with the crib, I wanted to show others on how to make it. $200.00 to do it yourself is much cheaper than the $1,000.00 or more that is charged for AB cribs online. Anyway, hope it's helpful for those wanting a crib on a tight budget. Take care everyone and happy diapering!


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