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Thread: Snap-Ez pocket diapers

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    Default Snap-Ez pocket diapers

    Has anyone ever ordered any of the snap-EZ pocket diapers from their website? If so, how would you rate the diapers, and their service? Thinking of ordering, but would like others' opinions.

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    Tried to find infos on them but never ever found anything about, if anyone has any good infos and a review, I would love to try them and compare them to my dependeco which are awesome products.

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    Well made diapers with high quality materials, no issues with service. I prefer the snaps to Velcro; no risk of snagging if the tabs come undone. Never wash Snap-Ez diapers with Velcro items, it will snag them.

    I stuff mine with twill prefolds rather than the inserts, but you can use whatever fits. By default, the pocket diapers don't come with stuffers.

    Be careful with sizing and measurements. Don't assume that because you wear a medium disposable that the medium Snap-Ez will work for you; the fit range is smaller than with disposables. They run true to their stated size, but you need to actually get out a measuring tape and measure yourself. Fit is critical with these and they will fit tighter the more you stuff them, so keep that in mind as well. I'd order just one to start.

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    Thank you Tygon, exactly what I wanted to know. Do you buy your prefolds from them or somewhere else? Was wondering if they came with any stuffers or not. I plan on ordering one (only one to start with) next week.

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    They don't come with stuffers, but you can order their stuffers. I ordered a few Snap-Ez stuffers several years ago, but had such a hard time with the initial washing that I just used prefolds from Changing Times Diaper Company (watch the sizing, don't use something too big or it won't fit right).

    The Snap-Ez stuffers would of course be a perfect fit. But they used to have hemp in them, and the fabric's oils need to be stripped out before using or the stuffer won't absorb. I only have a laundromat at my disposal and the water doesn't get hot enough to do that; and the washer is too far away to keep carrying pots of boiling water to it. It'd be fine if you have your own washer and can set the hot water heater to near boiling to strip the stuffer--if they even still make them with oily hemp, they may have stopped that.

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    I bought two. Loved them and bought 4 more (all in different colors). I stuff them with a prefold. The advantages are:
    Easy closing with snaps (4 sets on each side) and none of the problems velcro has with sticking to everything.
    Wash well and they even recommend hot water which means you can wash them with the diapers used for stuffing.
    Dry well, since stuffer is separate.

    They take a while to ship. I think they make them to order. Last time it took 2 weeks to be shipped and then arrived in 3 days (priority mail).
    I am really glad someone on this site mentioned them and would recommend them to anyone. I prefer them to an All-In-One.
    The only negative is that both times they were out of the Cherry-Red color. Ah well.

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    I have five of the pocket diapers, as well as five of their old AIOs. As other posters have noted, the Snap EZ inserts aren't easy to prepare; on the whole, I wish I'd saved the $100 and just used gauze prefolds. Quality is top-notch; the pocket diapers are made of a stretchier material than the old AIOs and will fit a little more snuggly. I have had problems with leaks, but I attribute that more to the improperly-prepared inserts than to the pockets themselves.

    My orders have all shipped within a few days; your choices are pretty much limited to whatever happens to be in stock when you shop. I would highly recommend buying shipping insurance; they ship via USPS and one of my packages was lost for several weeks.

    Other than the inserts and shipping, this is a terrific company. The great thing about their diapers is the ease of changing; if you have a caregiver or babysitter who is uncomfortable with cloth, there's not much to go wrong here and you still get cost savings over time.

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    After looking at the company website, the products are made by a WAHM so they are top quality obviously, they also make them for babies/toddlers and youth so she knows what she's doing, I may consider ordering one of them, I've been tempted to purchase them for so long, I won't need any inserts for them since I will probably use them to cover disposables (usually a GoodNites covered by the cheapest brand of adult diapers I can find (actually equate from Wal-Mart), it does the job for me. But for the inserts, what would be a cheaper better alternative that I can order somewhere that won't cost me an arm and a leg...

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    Yes, the inserts are a big cost factor. Since I've seen that others use something other than their own brand, I think that is what I will do.

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