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Thread: Bathing with a dummy

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    Default Bathing with a dummy

    If you're like me then you love your dummy but don't have an awful lot of privacy to indulge. Does anyone bathe/shower with their dummy? I find it very relaxing and soothing having my dummy all to myself with assured privacy.

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    I bathe with mine, especially if I'm showering before bed. It makes me super relaxed.

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    I've done this before, but more often I just take my paci along with me to wash it in the tub. I've sucked my thumb/finger in the tub too.

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    I tryed taking a shower with my binky once I didn't like it because it got water in bulb part and the plastic cover part. Even tho it dryer out fine it just kinda bugged me so I probably won't try it again.

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    I love showering with mine. Never had a problem with water getting in it. Super relaxing to me. Now that i live by myself again I can have it whenever I want

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    I have when I am taking my bath at night before bed. But I can pretty much use my paci any time I am at home.

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    I sure will try it now. does anyone know where to get a nuk 5 that isn't just plane white?

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    My understanding is that the NUK5 only comes with a white shield. But there are places that take them apart and puts different colored shields on. Have you looked at I've purchased a couple of unmodified white ones from them and they also have modded ones in colors, but haven't purchased them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GunLover94 View Post
    I sure will try it now. does anyone know where to get a nuk 5 that isn't just plane white?
    The plain white shield that it comes with is the adult sized one. LilCoyote is right, there are people/websites that will modify the NUK5 teat with a babies shield so that you get colour and different shapes but the babies shields are small whereas the plain white the NUK5 comes with is adult sized. I would love some colour but I prefer to have the adult size so Im stuck with boring white.

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