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    Default Devil May Cry games

    Anyone here play the Devil May Cry games? What did you think of the latest game DMC: Devil May Cry?

    I love tge games and personally the American rebute DMC Devil May Cry is my favorite

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    I'm not sure if you'll find a bigger fan of the Devil May Cry games than me

    Okay, there's probably a heap of bigger fans than me but I absolutely love the series! Played all of them to completion except for Devil May Cry 2 and I'm quite sure anyone who at least knows of it will understand why

    I personally enjoyed the new DmC very much, though I know many people dislike it because it's a bit different from the originals. My favourite of the games would have to be Devil May Cry 3. I absolutely loved the compelling story, engaging characters and fantastic game play.

    Also, Vergil has got to be one of the coolest guys in gaming! Both renditions of the character worked incredibly well and it's great that DmC stayed true to his personality.

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    FINALLY!!! someone else who likes dmc5. :3 personally I love the new work of the 5th game, the music was amazing as I love Combichrist. I thought they could have done a bit more with Dante's angelic powers, I think they should have done an "Angel Trigger" to go with the weapons he inherited from his mother, on top of that they where teasing with the idea, when dante unlocks his devil trigger form the demon who helped him said he still had a lot of untapped power.

    On a side note, I want to buy the DLC Vergils Rise which is a sub story that allows you to play as vergil

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    I think the series is pretty badass. I have only ever played the demo version of Devil May Cry 4 and have been meaning to get it, but at that time I started losing interest in gaming. Didn't they remake the first three?

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    Yeah, they did an HD release of Devil may cry 1-3 for ps3 and xbox360

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    God teir: devil may cry, devil may cry 3

    good tier: devil may cry 4, vergil's downfall (DMC add on)

    okay tier: DMC

    Bad tier: devil may cry 2

    Not too impressed with DMC but not offended either. Looking forward to a sequel. Teleporting around with vergil's swords is fun as shit. I miss the challenge of the first game!

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    I played all of them on the PS2 but I never beat any asides the first.

    I'll get the reboot on Steam when it's cheap enough for my liking.

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    I only really enjoyed playing the newest reboot one. Time to lose so many points in my popularity bar!

    It was just the first time the combo system actually felt flowy and the way I felt it should have been, and I liked the new Virgil a lot.

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