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Thread: need help dealing with depression, anxiety, and lonelyness

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    Default need help dealing with depression, anxiety, and lonelyness

    I really need help dealing with depression. It gets bad for me, real bad, and nothing I do works very long.

    A bit of background: this past year i went through hell. My wife left me, she spent every day being cold and cruel to me till I could move out, and it made me suicidal for a while. A week before I move out we find out she's pregnant, as if my world wasn't upside down enough. So I move out and spend the next six months getting ready for the baby, then one day around September I get a text from my ex "the baby's gone, don't know how or why but she's gone" I was devistated and practically catatonic, I got to the hospital, tried to put things right with my ex (we had been fighting a lot) and so she threatened to kick my ass so I left. I returned the next day, and when I held my baby in my arms I broke down, I cried for weeks after that, I had been talking to a girl I liked and she helped pull me out of it. I met her in November (we live in different states) and I broke up with her in December when I found out she was a snobby bitch. I still cry for my daughter, and I'm extremely lonely living the single life. I still love my ex girlfriend but she's not right for me, but I can't let her go....

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