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Thread: How'd You Get Your First Diapers?

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    Default How'd You Get Your First Diapers?

    Odd question, I know but.. How did you get your FIRST diapers?

    Did you buy them from a pharmacy?
    Did you get a friend to send them to you?
    Did you MAKE your first diaper?

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    I bought my first diaper, Depends Protection with Tabs, from a Pharmasave in Fort Qu'Appelle here. It wasn't really any trouble getting them home despite how much trouble i thought it would be.

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    I waited until I lived alone and had enough money to order some, then bought them via mail.

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    A friend actually bought a bag of depends for me for my 18th birthday! Haha jokes on her though! I actually liked them!

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    My sister used to dress up her dolls in them when we lived together. Yeah I've been at this a long time...

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    Weeeell, my brother became an IC for some time (and i dont still know why ._.) But i just stole them from his closet, now im out...

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    I was lucky, I suppose. I began indulging my desire to wear diapers while my sister was still wearing for need. After that, the diapers (cloth) were kept around, so I always had easy access. At or around age thirteen, my curiosity about Pampers and other disposables boiled over, and I began hiking to the store with my allowance to buy them.

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    My first diapers that I purchased were pampers underjams when I was 16.

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    I waited until a couple hours before the store closed, then I walked from my house there and bought them myself. Was a bit of a rush seeing as, while I have a fair amount of friends and acquaintances, most don't know, and I didn't want to bump into anyone I knew in the store.

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    23 years ago the doctor at the hospital put me in one not sure what brand as it was almost 23 years ago and i was only like a couple seconds old at the time but yeah that was my first.

    NOW the frist i bought on my own, well goes two ways. i was IC throughout my Childhood so i wore Goodnites 24/7 there had been a few times i had gone to change to find out i was on my last one so i would snatch $13 from moms purse and walk to the store and get another pack on my own she didnt mind so long as the money i Swiped went to something i needed and could provide recipts and change. but the first i got with my own money was Depends tape on (honestly who didn't start here)

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