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    I know this is the case for me, but I figure I might just be a hothead in most respects, but when you're stressed does it affect your ability to be little too?

    I find that when school and life are stressing me out it is just hard for me to let my little side out..

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    Absolutely! I have to be in a fairly good headspace to feel like I am able to "cub out", and for me lately that has been a very hard thing to do.

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    I actually find it easier to cub out when I'm stressed, because thats one of the reasons I do it in the first place....

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    I think with me it depends on how stressed I am as to whether it's a help or a hinderance to feeling little.

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    Yeah, type of stress and point of stress. So maybe the stress is making me angry then there's no way it's more like the ugly green monster, but then later I'll probably need to find some little time. If it's the kind of stress that causes me to withdraw, then I'm already half way to the nursery.

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    For me, being little is a kind of remedy against stresses. But usually I can't use it unless I got rid of stressful environment and gained a certain level of privacy.

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    For sure.

    When i've got a lot on my plate and it's keeping me busy, I don't feel like I need/want to cub out and be little. Although there has been the odd occasion where i'm very stressed with work, or life problems and it's encouraged my little side to come out, almost like an escape mechanism.

    But, Yes, Being busy or stressed often keeps my little side away.

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    It’s all about the level of stress for me. If I have a lot going on then I often push my little side to the back burner and deal with the problems at hand. But there’s definitely a breaking point where I can’t deal with it anymore and then my little side comes out regardless of stress level.

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    I find it hard to get into my little side if I'm mad or stressed just depends how much because I will dwel on it. Tho I find it very easy to get into my little side if I'm upset about something and sad.

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    When it comes to short-term events, we can reach one of two conclusions: Facing the problem head-on and overcoming it, or realizing that whatever happened is now in the past and there really isn't much use in thinking about it anymore. Short-term stressful situations are thus pretty easy to overcome. Long-term situations are incredibly complex, but not insurmountable. Long-term stress needs to be tackled piece by piece with breaths of relief in between, but it becomes increasingly difficult if you can't find a solid method of conducting your routine. It's important to remember that we also have many outlets that trigger our mental defensive mechanisms, and we aren't powerless to the despair that comes from the cruel and mysterious ways of the universe.

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