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Thread: Molicare vs Abena M4

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    Default Molicare vs Abena M4

    I have used Abena AbriForm S4 and really like them other than it being cloth backed. The only other good diaper that is not cloth back in size small is Molicare that I know of. So I was wondering how many wetting does Molicare take compared to Abena. Also if you know of a better size small diaper that not cloth backed that's good let me know. Thanks

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    I know a lot of people here swear by the M4, but in my personal experience the Abenas start leaking before the Molicares. There are numerous factors that play into this though, of course.

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    I absolutely loved the S4's when they were plastic-backed. I made the switch to Molicare Super Plus soon after Abena discontinued the plastic-backed S4 line. The Molicares are some of the most comfortable on the market.

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    Lol, I'm wearing a Molicare Super Plus right now! :p So comfy <3

    But as far as absorbency and thickness goes, the Abena M4 wins hands down! From what I hear, I have never tried them myself.

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    My three brands in stock right now...

    Molicare super plus
    Abena level 4
    A+ level 4

    Now at nite I usually wear 24/7 but that's not possible at this you probably know...

    So nite is now a+ as of great...
    Daytime, and wick good and comfortable for day use...

    Abena have a bit more absorbency do the a+...
    But, the Molicare are comfortable and even with a bit less absorbency hold about as much moving or sitting...

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    Really wish that I could find some darn M4's up in this Canadian (female dog)...but Y U NO M4'Z CANADA? Oh well...The Molicare Super Plus and the Dry 24/7's are still great choices for me as both are thick and comfy, as well as both are well reputized (i have a snack for Urban Dictionary) as very absorbent diapers. Just choosing between both ATM...the dry 24/7's are not as widely distributed over here but they are certainly a first choice as I have seen either no one talking about them or a great compliment on them. As for the Molicare Super Plus, kind of hard to say...I have seen lots of on and off and the last time I bought something with a on and off reputation like that, the axle inside the bike rim snapped halfway home from riding it to my house after i had just bought it. Before you ask if i was ok, yes i was. All a snapped bicycle axle really does even at high speeds is just squeal loud shortly after the snap, and then slow you down a lot. The only exception is if you are on very, VERY rough terrain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cupofcoffee12 View Post
    Really wish that I could find some darn M4's up in this Canadian (female dog)...but Y U NO M4'Z CANADA?.
    I have bought plastic backed M4's in Canada from and I think they deliver to all parts of Canada, but not sure. Enjoy if they do..

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