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Thread: Out of Hiding Once Again :P

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    Default Out of Hiding Once Again :P

    I know I have been fairly inactive for quite some time but I is back .

    Things got pretty crazy around here after moving, I got very sick in August and than sick again in October resulting in being hospitalized and having a spinal tap ICKY. That was no funs at all! Than in November broke my back, moved in Feb and kicked out a nasty roommate who threatened me in the process than totaled my car a week later. So been all kinds of crazies around here. Single again too for that matter but I have to admit I am happier than ever now that things have been sorted out. Despite being in pain from my back, I sure ain't gonna let that stop me. May slow me down but darnit I will still be crawling forward towards the things I want and need. Almost to the finals for my second semester of school and doing better this quarter. Looking forward to spring term but will miss the instructor I have had for the last six months. There are perks to having a police captain as an instructor lol. Just so happens my car accident was in his jurisdiction just on his day off of course.

    Living in a motel now but liking it. My neighbors are amazing and insanely friendly. Have an ab friend local who I talk to almost every day and have for months. We haven't met each other yet but hope to have a play date some time soon.

    So all in all despite the pot holes i have bumped into on my road the last few months there has been alot of positive too and I am loving life here. I am loving even more looking forward to my future. I have decided that in 2 years (or less) once I have finished community college I am moving back to Indiana to go to Indiana State for the University portion of my degree . I can't wait I loved it there and miss it sooooooooooooooo much. Even though i will be leaving behind some much missed friends (AB and Non-AB) I hope I can make some equally awesome friends back east.

    I also discovered Nuk Sippies (with the silicone teats) and MAM pacis. Even more recently got lucky enough to find 16m+ ones when i have only had 6m+ before. Love them but hoping to order my first Nuk 5 this next week. Soooo excited for that too hehe.

    So just thought I would post an update on stuffs and why I have been so inactive. I am hoping now that things have settled down some even though I am still resting lots that I will be able to be more active here again

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    Glad to see you back and sorry to hear about your troubles.

    It is nice to hear of your positive attitude and that things are now going well!

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