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Thread: How long till you're busted?.

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    Default How long till you're busted?.

    Hi guys

    I was wondering if its possible to never be found out about your DL side.Can you really be a DL for weeks/months or even years and never get caught, or does everybody get caught one way or another at some point?.I would feel absolutely mortified if my friends/family found about my DL side.I'm not AB or IC, for me wearing nappy's is a kink, and I feel its something I must do, its just part of who I am and I have always known I have that side of me even as a kid, but its only been recently I have started wearing nearly all the time.I never asked to be a nappy lover, its just what I like..I cant help it.I have two main friends I have known for many years, and a few other people I associate with, but I don't think they're the type to understand the nappy thing.I'm worried somebody will find a nappy/used nappy in my flat after absent mindedly leaving one out, or perhaps somebody will notice the nappy bulge under my trousers, or perhaps somebody will find out I'm a member of this forum.

    So...can somebody keep it secret forever, or as a DL should I just accept the fact that one day somebody's going to find out, no matter how careful I try to be?.If anybody here has been found out I would like to hear your story if you don't mind telling it.

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    Honestly there have been double agents throughout espionage history busy as secret squirrels can get and never busted their entire career... and if that feat is possible, I guess hiding your DL side would actually be easy.
    Some folks successfully hide all their monetary wealth for ages from ol' daddy government...
    You get the drift.

    I'm 34 - so I don't have 99 years of stories to tell, but at least all my adult life so far NO ONE found out about my IC, Bedwetting and DL Stuff, unless *I* told them (for whatever reason).
    And I do believe no one ever will, unless I choose to reveal any of these "secrets".
    It's not that difficult - all it really takes is to develop a keen eye for details.
    And don't get drunk to the point where you can't remember your own name.

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    At one point or another you're probably going to want to tell some one. It's just good knowing that someone understands you. Technically, you already revealed that you are a DL on here, like I said sooner or later you want to tell someone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLchao View Post
    At one point or another you're probably going to want to tell some one. It's just good knowing that someone understands you. Technically, you already revealed that you are a DL on here, like I said sooner or later you want to tell someone.
    Yes, I've told people on here, but were pretty much all into the same thing so its not the same.Most (but not all) of my friends and associates are sensible family types with kids and I doubt they would look too kindly on the whole nappy thing.

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    I feel like my parents may know, but they have never brought it up and why would they?

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    I have DL friends who know and my brother other than that nobody else knows to my knowledge. I think my parents know but they are keeping quiet about it if they do. I don't think it is possible to go through life without anybody knowing at one point in your life.

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    I started wetting makeshift diapers when I was 12 or 13, and that continued undetected by parents until I was 22. That discovery happened because of unusual circumstances. I had come home from college, and had a psychotic break during dinner. To make matters worse, we had company. I started crying during dinner, and couldn't stop. When I went back to school, my mom searched my bedroom, which was the attic of their Cape Cod house. I imagine she was looking for drugs, which I was using (marijuana mostly), but what she found were makeshift diapers and gay porn, not a good combination for me.

    When I came home the next weekend, I got the dreaded conversation. The next week I had to see a psychiatrist at a residential mental facility and discuss both diapers and guys. It was tough. This was 1970 when you could be put into a mental institution against your will just because you were actively gay.

    The funny thing is that I have closer calls now when my kids show up unexpectedly and I'm wearing a diaper under my clothes. My wife knows after she discovered an on-line diaper order of mine 6 years ago. Clearly, I wouldn't make a good spy.

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    If you're good enough at keeping a secret, then yes. And if anyone ever does find out, just tell them what you said in your first post.

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    Only way to not be found out is if you never write about it, look it up online, wear them, not talk about it and you keep it all in your head. But if you express it in either way, it will leak out eventually. Someone may find your notebook and read it or your parents see the internet history or catch you on the websites or find it in cookies, find them in your room or in the trash, or find ay drawings you have done. I went five months of wearing without my mother finding out but I went a month without my dad finding out all because I didn't delete the picture from his camera but I did from his computer. I didn't know I had to delete it from the camera too. I was 17 then so I was ignorant about digital cameras and was still new to using one. But lesson learned.

    When I was nine my mom caught me looking at diapers in the aisle at the store, when I was ten she found one in the trash in the bathroom after I took it from next store. In 6th grade I wrote my first diaper story and my mom saw the notebook and read it (she is nosy). I always found it so damn hard to hide.

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    Oh, ive written another post about this... Yes, its mortifying when you get outed... Ive been outed in the most horrific of ways. But... after some time to heal, It was quite liberating. Its similar I guess to coming out as gay. If you think of it as some bad secret then you will convince yourself that it is bad and that YOU are bad. You are not! Sure you may lose a friend or two but they weren't your friends anyway!

    Its not that bad. Kinda like a bad accident... sure there's some blood but after a while you have a cool scar! ;-p

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