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Thread: Best diapers for wearing in public

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    Default Best diapers for wearing in public

    Hi.. What are the best diapers for wearing in public?

    I have been out in drugstore brand diapers once, but need more absorbency. I am worried about crinkling though and the bulk showing (I won't wear abena M4's or Bambino's out, I am not that brave).

    I was recommended Tena Slip maxis, but can't get them in Canada, so I was wondering if anybody had any recommendations?

    Thanks for your help..

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    babymt I wear Bambinos out all the time and no problem. You just have to grab the bull by the horns give it a kick in the knees and do it.
    Free advice from another Canadian.

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    I just got Bellisimo's and M4's after previously having Goodnights only and these are comparatively huge, I would never wear these out unless I was far, far from home and wanted reactions. Goodnights are great for that but they leak so easily probably not good to use them publicly.

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    Abena's really are not as noticable under the right clothes as you think! I wear them out and about with no problems. My outfit is as follows: diaper, boxer briefs, pants, under shirt tucked in and shirt on top hanging out. With this set up you can't hear my diaper or see it.

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    I would normally say Tena Slip Maxi but since you say that your not able to obtain them then your best bet might be Attends or Tranquility. I like Abena a lot (they are my favorite diaper) but I can understand that they are bulkier then most diapers and you probably don't want to worry about whether your pants will fit or if there is a bulge. Tranquility on the other hand are good diapers and hold a fair amount and are not that bulkier. Maybe order a sample of Tranquility Slimline diapers and see if you like them.

    Hope you find something that your comfortable wearing out and about!

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    It honestly depends on what you are wearing. The clothes you wear can make a difference because honestly if you ask me; any diaper is good for public use. I've even worn a Dry 24/7 to the mall under regular jeans... i mean it felt like i was sitting on a pillow when i sat down lol but no one noticed.

    If you're wearing tight clothes, wear a thin diaper like Tena, anything from AB Universe, Depends, Total Dry Plus etc.

    and if you're wearing loose clothing (cargo shorts/pants, skirt, dress, sweatpants) wear any diaper you want lol.

    The only thing you have to really worry about is the bulk because you can't hear the crinkle unless you're going to a doctor's waiting room or a class during a test... the crinkle sound is really always being heard by you because you subconsciously and consciously expect to hear it, but most (if not all) other people, dont hear it, and if they do hear a crinkle-sound they make a thousand other conclusions before they think "thats a diaper crinkle." assuming they even really care where the sound came from or what the sound is. Most people don't notice something unless it is being thrown plainly in their face.

    And on a separate note, if someone DID happen to catch you, no one would say anything because unless you're going to a kindergarten level school or some place where people miraculously lack basic decency, people won't make a big deal or even confront you or say something :P Surprisingly enough, there are actually adults out there in society hehehehe xD

    I've worn a crinkly Cushies diaper under a lower thigh length dress with no sound muffling, and the only time I heard it was at home in the quiet bedroom where i put it on, but otherwise, i would sit and move and dance around and do a lot of movement and not once did I hear it, not even my friends heard it. Its really all in your head ~_^

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    I wear ATNs in public, sometimes under gym shorts if I'm feeling daring, and they really aren't noticeable in a typical environment. They're fairly noise when dry, so I wouldn't wear to a library or anything, but in a store, they're undetectable.

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    My favorites for wearing in public are the Bambinos and Abena L4s. With the correct clothing, no one notices.

    Tena Flexes are another option.

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    Since Abena is a great brand with awesome absorbency, perhaps going for the 2s, (M2, L2, S2, etc.) instead of the M4 or equivalent would work since it's not as bulky.

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