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    First, download mIRC from here: Download mIRC

    Once the file has been downloaded, run the installer and follow the steps by clicking next to install the program on your computer. A Desktop icon should automatically be created.

    Run mIRC. The first thing you will see is a small window that contains something similar to this. This is only if your mIRC has not been registered. My mIRC has run out of its registration, and this is what it looks like at this time.

    Note: passing by these windows may take a moment. This is only if mIRC hasn't been registered and has expired. On occasion you may be required to restart to get on mIRC.

    First-time Setup

    Next, set up your information:

    You need to fill in all non-optional fields:

    After this information has been added click on the "Servers" list to the left. Here is what I personally wrote into this:

    Now, set up the server:

    Once you are on the servers list click on "Add". A new window will open up:

    Fill in all required information as follows:

    You can now click the "Add" button and you will be returned to the server list.

    You now want to make sure that "ADISC" is selected in the list. Click the "Select" button. You will be returned to the screen we first saw:

    You now just need to click "Connect" everything has been set up. The program should automatically open "#ADISC" and you are ready to chat!


    Optional Steps

    mIRC allows for a lot of configuration. You can set mIRC up to automatically connect to ADISC, or change the windows colors.

    Change Window Colors

    To change colors, press Alt + K while mIRC is open. You will be given a window like this:

    You can click on anything in here including the text or backgrounds and change it to any of the colors below. This is mine one step from setting up my color scheme:

    Click "OK" and the windows will automatically change color:

    Set up Auto-Join

    To set up auto-join, press Alt + R and a window will open up.:

    Put that code inserting your password and username into the line directly in the box. For example if my username was user123 and password was pass123 my window would look like this:

    Click "OK" and you have completed the step. The next time mIRC starts the program will automatically join you to the ADISC network.
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