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Thread: Looking for advice on new desktop

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    Default Looking for advice on new desktop

    I'm looking into getting a new desktop computer, and would like some advice on selecting a good system.
    I'm technically competent and could assemble the components if neccessary.
    My current system is: AMD 1800+ cpu on a K7S5U motherboard with 512mb RAM, Nvidia mx400 video card with extra fan installed, running win2Kpro OS.
    I pulled these parts out of my cousins closet and put them together and they have been continuously running rock solid for four years now.
    The new system must be the same, rock solid, no crashes, hardware issues, etc.
    I don't really have a budget, I am looking for for the best performance for a good price, do you know of any good sales maybe on last years stuff?
    Any help/advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Kevin.

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    Looking at your graphics card I suspect you want a solid and quiet office computer. Do you even need a dedicated graphics card? Any games or 3D applications you want to run?

    RAM is very cheap atm, especially DDR2. I'd suggest at least 2GB DDR2-800, which will be enough for future windows versions. Maybe go for 4GB, since you plan to use it a long time.

    As CPU Core 2 Duo will be fine. Very cheap and lots of horsepower for office use. If you need CPU power (encoding videos or something like that) consider a Quadcore. Will be more expensive and produce more heat though. Duo seems better here.

    For the mainboard, look for Intel P43 chipsets. Up to date and cheap.

    Dont try to save money on the power supply, get a decent one with good efficiency. Enermax 84+ series or something like that. Not much power needed for the system though, maybe 300W will be sufficient.

    HDD manufacturer is a matter of taste, I'd go for Seagate 7200.11 drives, dont know how much you need. Maybe 250GB, less wont save much money.

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    Thanks for the info walex. You are correct, the main use will be for the office, but I do want the flexibility to run a few games with 3d graphics.
    I am not in a hurry to get a new machine, nor do I need to save money, but I really don't need the latest gaming rig.
    I will collect all the info I get here since I'm really not up to speed on recent computer specs.
    More power is probably better since the wife likes to run a lot of applications at once.
    I am mostly looking for suggestions on mainboard/CPU, RAM and video card choices.
    The rest I think I can handle. Thanks

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    When there are a lot of applications running go for 4GB DDR2-800 RAM.
    //edit: If you use Win 2000, which is 32bit, you wont be able to use all those 4gb, just 3,2. And 2gb would be far enough with that OS. But considering you might change that in the future, maybe Windows 7 some day, 4gb isnt wasted money. Especially looking at how cheap it is.

    The processor could be a Core 2 Duo E7300 or E8200 (the difference between those is the L2 cache. But I cant tell exactly how much this will affect its computing power. Maybe someone has benchmarks?)

    As graphics card I'd suggest a Radeon HD4850. Lots of bang for the buck and able to handle recent games extremely well. I actually use it myself and can play games at full detail and HD resolution. Below that I dont know much about budget graphics cards. Maybe there is something even cheaper and still suitable out there. You could look for benchmarks containing a ATI HD4650. (be extremely careful about little name differences here. they like to fool people)

    Mainboards for this would be socket 775 with Intel P43 chipset, like for example:
    - MSI P43 Neo-F
    - Asus P5QL PRO
    (they have sound, S-ATA, and LAN, you dont need anything else. Like onboard software RAID or something)
    I use a GigaByte GA-EP43-DS3L myself. Its equal to those above but I had to do a BIOS update to make it work with my HD4850.

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    Thanks, keep that info coming.

    I will most likely be running Win7 on this machine as soon as its available.

    I am always carefull about the technical details, they don't fool me very often.

    No budget graffic card this time, gonna get something good that will last a while.

    Have you got any advice on monitors? I currently have a viewsonic 902b, but I am not really happy with it. Only one year old and it has a few bad spots in it. Is any brand better than others?

    Don't be afraid to get technical, specific models and locations would help. Any info is appreciated.

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    Dell's branded LCD monitors are really a good value for what you get. They have quite a few models of all sizes, and when you catch them on a special sale, they can be very inexpensive.

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    The AMD's dual core CPU's are cheaper and run better then Intels line.

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    I decided to build my own. Thanks for the help.

    Admins, please close this thread.

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