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Thread: Wearing diaper to a urology appointment

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    I finally went to see a urologist. So, if any of you want to know how it goes or are nervous about wearing diapers to appointments, don't be. I wear to my family doctor and now to this one. I did ask prior if it was proper to remove my diaper prior and the gal said no, it's very normal common and the see all types. They took a pee sample then I went into a room and they did an ultrasound on my bladder. Since I just went,it was empty but I still felt the need to urinate. They determined I was having constant muscle spasms OAB, plus I have anxiety which adds to it. So, they gave me Toviaz wow very expensive. About 200.00 a month I spend less on diapers or close to that. I started taking it, I feel drowsy, dry eyes and mouth. So they give you advice to stay away from certain drinks and food. I've truly grown to love diapers and are a comfort source now. So the dilemma was pay the med and dr costs which are not guaranteed or continue diapers? I'd rather diapers, plus no side effects. My wife said so too. What would you all do and have any of you tried these meds and whats your experience with them???

    Oh...another thing he did.. Prostate check. That was embarrassing. So if your gonna go expect that too!
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    I would stick with the diapers too if they are cheaper and are the side affects really worth it for the control and paying more?

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    I would also stay with diapers. I'm like you in the respect that I have the same problems and with my vision problems I'll stay
    in diapers.

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    Yes.. That's what I'm after a few days I don't notice that big of a difference. Plus a specialty dr. Is even more costly.

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    I was faced with a similiar dilemma myself recently. I was (8 months ago) diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and they put me on Metformin and the diarrhea it was causing is rather severe. My doctor thinks I want to be IC and I certainly don't especially something as messy and gross as fecal IC. She recently changed my medication to help deal with the IC it was causing and instead of severe fecal IC from the old Metformin I have mild IC and am feeling really depressed as a direct result of that new medication. My type 2 diabetes is barely under control with the use of medication and diet. I have in fact reversed my diabetes and my doctor says that i'm pre-diabetic when my A1C test showed up as only a 6.5 and it went down to a 5.7 in the space of a month. The Metformin was confirmed both officially as well as independently to be causing the diarrhea which I seem to be unable to hold. So we switched medications and now all of a sudden I feel seriously depressed. I was suicidal at one time due to being chronically homeless and constantly being betrayed by people that I thought I could trust. Since then I have a stable place to live and constructive work to do and I have been doing marvelously better until I started this new medication.

    The first day I started the new medication my emotions have just went totally south and while I am not suicidal I am certainly feeling severely depressed. I did not want to switch medications because the new stuff they have me on might have made things worse though that probability is small. I am about to turn 37 in 5 days and I don't want to be IC but it seems negligent of me to keep changing my medication until they get it right and I would rather just wear diapers instead of suffering more unfortunate side effects. Also I happen to be trying to get diagnosed with other serious issues and these medications may very well be aggravating them unknowingly. Can anyone give me general advice on this? Should I just go with diapers or just keep trying new medications? My doctor will not give me a script for briefs because from a legal standpoint she could get into a lot of trouble. I simply cannot afford to go diapered 24/7 without my insurance covering part of that cost and it will not if I don't get a script to do so. I am going to be changing medications again soon either way and yes I am going to discuss this with my primary doctor about it as well. She is just booked up right now and I will have to wait until April realistically to get in to see her again.

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    I know one part of your problem the OAB - it's only one aspect of my incontinence though.
    The OAB I could / can control / limit with medication.
    Most of the meds though have some seriously bad side effects on me ... to the point where I can not keep up working (I operate serious machinery at times and drive a lot).
    There is one (I'll have to look up the name - respectively the main active compound, as it's a local swiss brand) that kind of works without too many serious side effects if I only take it for a limited time.
    For times of travel, etc... I can use it to minimize the impact of the IC...
    Also it does somehow reduce my bedwetting from like almost every night to like once a week. But I can not take it for a prolonged time, the side effects start to become worse.
    so to me it is ONE TOOL - one Option - I make use of in sepcific situations.

    I would personally NOT take any med that causes me to feel dizzy, drowsy, etc all day long just to get "rid" of my incontinence issues - talk about trading one evil for another.

    But: I WOULD talk to your urologist about exactly this - about what side effects you get, that this isn't working, etc...
    There are half a ton of different options you can try. and I clearly wouldn't give up after one bad attempt.
    Sure the diapers WORK - and that is good - but in so many cases there is a LOT that you can do to lessen or even rid you of the incontinence issues.
    So keep trying.

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    @EPO1.... I was more looking for confirmation, which I got. I hear ya on the side effects. Like today I went for a 3 mile run and I felt the urge to urinate but couldn't where normally it just flows easier without trying. I felt more uncomfortable because I couldn't release the urge. So the meds work but I felt more uncomfortable. I think your right I will keep track of the side effects and let my urologist know. Either way the meds are spendy and keep going to the doctor is too. So, do I stick with diapers less expensive and I'm more relaxed. Probably. I'll let my family doctor know.

    @accepted.... I don't have advice for you on how to get insurance coverage. My wife and I have healthcare spending card and that's what we use to purchase and they never question it. I wonder if there are any doctors on here that could give you advice. I also didn't think a doctor could tell you no on something like that. It's not a drug and they're suppose to help there patience. So I'm a bit loss for my family dr is fine with it. However, I haven't asked for a prescription either. I also hope your depression gets better!

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    Ok now I still have the urges to go but it doesn't flow as easy. I wonder if that's normal? It's uncomfortable? I don't like that urge feeling. I like to be able to go so that urge feeling goes away. Has anyone experienced that with these meds? Ugh... So uncomfortable.

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