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Thread: Is molicare good

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    Default Is molicare good

    I just switch to another company to get my adult diapers from for my bladder problem and new york medicaid will pay for the molicare brand diapers and was wounder if there any good.

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    Well assuming they are the super plus range, they're good.

    The good:

    -Come up high at the back and the front
    -Tapes are good (they have a two tape system with four in total)
    -Odor control is good
    -Soft and crinkly
    -Tapes up nicely around the legs and waist

    The bad:

    -With serious wetting the mash/pulp will fall apart at the front
    -Could do with waistbands but doesn't have any
    -Absorbs well but doesn't swell much. Not swelling could be a positive for some.

    And yeah, that's pretty much about it.

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    I only wet little at time with bladder condition so i'm not going flood them and see have leak guard in them to.

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    When i used mollicare (i bought a pack once) i kinda liked it, cause its thick and comfy. only thing i didnt like was the tapes was kinda not sitting as good... may have been something wrong with the diapers cause i have seen others say they have good tapes

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    When I tried them, I thought they were good and they hold a lot and I could do my morning pee in them and flood them without them leaking or feeling like I am in a puddle.

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    I like them (see my username) although the purple is not for everybody. I've only used the Super Plus line though.

    The tapes hold well (usually) but are not really adjustable. They stick so well that once that first firm press to adhere them, good luck adjusting them without tearing the plastic (take care to get everything right the first time). The tapes are double layer so you can once but the outer tape sticks just as hard as the inner tape.

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    In my opinion molicare is close to becoming one of the best go to diapers. The main issue I have with them is they do not swell and they are low on absorbency for the size small.

    The one thing I like about them is that they are extremely comfortable and you will use all of the diaper before you need to change.They also have excellent wicking abilities.

    I would say you would need to look at your daily fluid intake and judge from that.

    Here is a list of their absorbency according to northshorecare:

    Small: 16 oz
    Medium: 23 oz
    Large: 26 oz

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    Molicare super plus is a personal favorite. They are bulky and a little noisy but are very absorbent, I've never had any problems with leaks. I have been able to buy these online at both the Staples and Walmart websites. I even been lucky enough to find them at thrift stores.

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    A "top 5" diaper of the many I've tried for fun. Molicares only down sides are cost and a lack of SAP, meaning after a few wettings they will leak upon sitting down or rolling around in bed. Not issues for insurance paid users who don't push them to the limits of their capacity.
    I recommend giving them a try.

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